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Sonic 3D Blast

Sonic and his pals are off to visit the mysterious Flicky Island, home to many precious gems; as well as the even more mysterious Flicky birds. Dr. Robotnik, meanwhile, has discovered the location of the Chaos Emeralds on Flicky Island. He quickly set up a base and intruder defenses there, but first he needed Flickies to turn into robots. While he is pondering how to capture the elusive birds, he's sees a bright flash in the distance. A Dimension Ring has appeared, and out of it fly a flock of Flickies. They perch on a tree, pick up some food, then fly back into the Dimension Ring. Then Robotnik realized the secret of the Flickies...they live in another dimension! With that, he set about creating the Dimension Ring Generator, which could capture Flickies in their home realm. Sonic arrived to discover Flicky Island in pandemonium, and it's up to him to get the Chaos Emeralds before Robotnik and save the Flickies....Except for Sonic Classics, this seems to be the final Sonic game for Genesis. Of course, that is not the case for Saturn. But at least Genesis is going out with a bang! Sonic 3D Blast is an amazing 3/4 overhead view game that blows all other Sonic games away! The gameplay is a bit different this time around though. The Genesis and the Saturn versions are pretty much the same except that the Genesis graphics are less defined and the gravitational forces on Genesis are easier to deal with. In this game, Robotnik is kidnapping the Flickies and using them to find the Chaos Emeralds that are hidden in another dimension. You must rescue 5 Flickies before you can go on to the next part of any act!

Except for Sonic Classics, this seems to be the final Sonic game for Genesis. Of course, that is not the case for Saturn. But at least Genesis is going out with a bang! Sonic 3D Blast is an amazing 3/4 overhead view game that had excellent play - but unfortunately it was MUCH easier than other Sonic games...The gameplay is a bit different this time around though. The Genesis and the Saturn versions are pretty much the same except that the Genesis graphics are less defined and the gravitational forces on Genesis are easier to deal with. In this game, Robotnik is kidnapping the Flickies and using them to find the Chaos Emeralds that are hidden in another dimension. You must rescue 5 Flickies before you can go on to the next part of any act.

Green Grove Zone
Rusty Ruin Zone
Spring Stadium Zone
Diamond Dust Zone
Volcano Valley Zone
Gene Gadget Zone
Panic Puppet Zone

Sonic 3D Blast - Sega Genesis, Sega Megadrive, Sega Saturn

Game Codes And Strategy Guides Courtesy Of Jared Matte A.K.A. The Green Gibbon , Secrets Of The Game Sages and Radical City

The Code Bank

Level Select: At the title screen, press: Up, Down, Left, Right. You should hear a ring chime if you've done it correctly. Now hold down A and press START.

Slow & Frame Skip: At the title screen, press: C, C, Up, Down, Left, Right. You should hear a ring chime if you've done it correctly. Now press START. Pause the game, and press A to reset the system, B for slow-motion, and C for frame-by-frame movement.

Construction / Debugging Mode: At the title screen, press: Up, C, Down, C, Left, C, Right. You should hear a ring chime if you've done it correctly. Reset the system. Input the level-select code. Hold down A and choose your Zone. Continue to hold A until Sonic appears on-screen. The following buttons have the following effects:

A = Changes highlighted item.
B = Toggles between items and Sonic.
C = Places highlighted item.

Pause and press A to reset. Pause and hold B for slow-motion. Pause and hold C for single-pixel movement.

The Confusion Demo:While the demo is playing, hold A + B + C. Sonic will get confused, lose his place, and possibly die.

The Emerald Bargain !!!: This cheat allows you to start at the First Level with all the Emeralds, and with lots of Continues. Use the Level Select cheat (see above) to get to the Special Zone. When you get the Emerald, and have entered into the First Zone, press Reset. Use the Level Select cheat to get to the Special Zone again. When you get the next Emerald, and have entered the First Zone, press Reset again. When you have all the Emeralds, continue on with the first level. You get to keep the Emeralds and the Continues accumulated so far.

The Marble Zone Shortcut:In Marble Zone act 3 you will find three chandeliers with spikes in them. Go to the far wall (on the right) and jump to the right to find some goodies. Now jump through the wall on the right again, but be careful of the other chandelier.

The Scrap Brain Teleport:On the last level (Scrap Brain), find the ledges that move right then left. Go to the left side of the wall and wait for the platform to move. As soon as it starts to move left, duck. You'll go through the wall. While here, press Left to teleport right and Right to teleport to the left to save needed time on the zone.

The Special Secret:While using the debug mode, enter any special stage. Turn into any object and travel outside the special stage area. There you should fall into a secret special stage filled with one-ups and chaos emeralds.

Game Genie Codes

ATBT-AA32: Master Code
AY3T-AACL: Begin with 5 Lives
GJ6A-CA7A: Infinte Lives, Player 1
JXGA-CA7G: Infinte Lives, Player 2
AJ3A-AA4G: Level Select
AY3T-BA4R: Start with 5 Chaos Emeralds
SCRA-BAXO: Each Ring counts as 8, Player 1
SATA-DAVW: Each Ring counts as 8, Player 2
AEOT-CABE: Once Sonic Is Invincible, He'll Stay That Way
BDLT-AAGL: Super Jump
AE0T-CABY: Keep The Super Shoes

First Appearances: Sonic The Hedgehog, Doctor Ivo Robotnik, The Scrap Brain Zone ( Original Robotnik Fortress ), Power Rings.

Comic Adaption: Sonic the Hedgehog #0 (Partial Adaption - Before Established Continuity)

Title: Don't Cry For Me Mobius
Writer: Mike Gallagher - Debut
Artist: Scott Shaw! And Jorge Pacheco - Debut

Summary: The very first Sonic comic which introduces all the main characters as well as the foundation for the comic series. While attempting to escape Dr. Robotnik and his new invention - The Mega Muck, Sonic encounters Caterkiller one of the original badniks. after outwitting that duo Sonic gives us our first glimpse of the underground Knothole Base and The Freedom Fighters within! But Robotnik isn't through as a leak is soon discovered - in the form of Mobian Weeping Willows. And while Sonic and the crew investigate - Robotnik And Crabmeat attack!

Green Grove Zone

This zone is pretty straightforward. Rescuing the Flickies is pretty easy and virtually nothing will impede your path here barring a few bombs and lasers. In this game, there are 3 acts, but the third act is always nothing but a boss - usually Robotnik in varying forms of his Super Egg-O-Matic! In Act 3 of this zone, Robotnik floats after you and drops a spiked ball which chases you. Watch out for it and plug Robotnik when he comes down to pick up the ball. Its BEST to stand at the TOP of one of the inclines but try getting Rootnik to position himself at the BASE of the incline. This makes an easier jump for you as hitting the Egg-O-matic will do NOTHING but hitting the glass of the Egg-O-Matic produces the desired effect...Five hits gets rid of him

Rusty Ruin Zone

There's not much to worry about here - BUT when on the Saturn the fog and flamethrowers can be a DEFINITE hindrance...This zone is a bit more tough. The fog and rain also impede your search for the Flickies. Watch out for the flame shooters and the spiked balls rotating around. In Act 3, Robotnik equips the Egg-O-Matic to a large Lion/Knight statue that tries to crush you with its hands. Watch out and jump on the hand that hits the ground. When Robotnik brings the hand back up, plug him but BE SURE to aim for the windshield. Not only that but try to stay off the ground as much as possible due to the hail of bullets when shot...Five hits gets rid of him.

Spring Stadium Zone

This one's a killer. This is one of the harder zones in the game and seeing it for the first time is one of the biggest reasons why. The zone was PURPOSELY designed to be distracting often tempting you to stray from the path and right into oncoming dnger...Watch out for holes in the ground, spikes come up out of them if you stand on them for too long. You better be glad that the game doesn't make you die after 10 minutes are up, because this zone would be mighty hard if it did! Its JUST that tedious...In Act 3, Robotnik has returned - but this time equipping the Egg-O-matic with LONG spiked arms meant to place permanent airholes in Sonic! Eggman attacks by slamming the ground with its hands - It sounds silly but playing it is a whole nother cup of tea...Grab one ring. Don't hog them all at once, you'll be able to take more hits this way. When Robotnik comes, run around in a circle on the raised area in the middle, the one with with the spikes on top, leaving enough distance between Sonic and Robotnik. Eggman does his Smash Attack him FROM THE BACK! An attack from the front would be suicide as you'd run right into his spikes. Jump back on the ledge and repeat this pattern HOWEVER duly note that EACH time you hit him, he gets faster and faster - so stay alert. After 5 hits he's gone.

Diamond Dust Zone

This zone is sort of a break after Spring Stadium, but it isn't a picnic itself. Watch out for the exploding snowmen, they pack a wallop. Also be wary of the villians on the ice - sonic's shoes doesn't make very good traction and one wrong move will result in a loss of rings! Also, in snow movement areas, its okay to follow the flow of the current - BUT DONT follow too far as a bed of spikes usually await at the end...Other than the snowmen, this board isn't extremely hard. In Act 3, Robotnik returns with the Bomb And Freeze Generator in his Egg-O-Matic that he used in Sonic 3 (Ice Cap Zone)! However THIS TIME its got an upgrade....Robotnik will chase you around with six generators rotating around his ship, each one shooting out freezing air. So freezing, in fact Sonic will freeze if the air touches him. To get out of it, jump 4 times. Don't think the ice is protection, if you get hit in the ice, you'll get out of it, AND lose your rings. Next, Robotnik will drop snowman bombs. These will either go off after a little while, or when Sonic gets near them. He will drop one if Sonic just hit him, or two if Sonic didn't. He gradually loses the things rotating aroung his ship, but chases you faster. Eight hits is the max this time around....

Volcano Valley Zone

This zone is PURE-D EVIL !!! And without the assistance of a flame shield it just gets worse. If you find one bully for you - KEEP IT AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! This zone is a lot harder than Diamond Dust with all the lava around. Whenever you see a blue platform, jump on it and spin dash to make it go up. In Act 3, Robotnik has attached the Egg-O-Matic to his new Fire Cannon attached deep into the bubbling lava pits of Volcano Valley!! This boss is NOT easy especially with his homing flame the chases after Sonic!! There are two methods to beating him and both suck as far as easiness is concerned - 1) Get a few rings, jump on the gray base columns and keep hitting him until you're out of rings. Then get some more rings and hit him again! but be sure to keep a steady supply of rings, otherwise its fried hedgehog...2) Method to this isnt really that much easier...Get 1 ring. Run around, jumping from platform to platform, while the fire chases you. When the fire dies down , jump on the pipe, (careful now,) and hit him. Jump back on the platform, and repeat this procedure until he's burned!

Gene Gadget Zone

In this zone, you must avoid laser shooting bots. Learn to manipulate the air jets make you float so you can reach higher platforms. Most of this stage is strategy but its NOT as easy as it sounds. More tedious like Rusty Ruin except toughter...When you walk in a small room, you'll be sent through the pipes to another area of the act. In Act 3, you'll face Eggman and The Conveyor Belt!!! Jump above the spiked bots and jump at Robotnik when you get the chance. Get 1 or 2 rings before the conveyor starts. Avoid the spiked object that come out. When Robotnik arrives, hit him, and avoid the missiles. I sugest hitting him from the side. When you do this though, if you take too long, those spiked things will come out before Robotnik's done! Eight hits will beat him

Panic Puppet Zone

Welcome to Robotnik's final base !!! He's got a surprise awaiting at the end.....You're getting real close to Robotnik, he hasn't even had time to stick the Flickies in robots yet! Jump on the capsules to free the birds. In Act 2, there are no Flickies. Your main objective is to get up the large Robotnik robot being built and hop up its nose. When you do this you'll have beaten the act. In Act 3, Robotnik attacks in several different machines. In each form, he'll shoot weapons at you, whether it be lasers or small blue balls. Avoid them and jump at the shoulders of his arms. After 3 hits on each shoulder, Robotnik will escape to his next form, then follow him by jumping down the hole that appears. Phase I: (Hits: 8) Stand under the spike ball. Before it slams down, you'll hear a noise that sounds like Sonic going into a spin dash. When the mace slams down, you'll hear another noise. Remember it well. Before the noise stops, hit the colored light at the end of the chain the mace is connected to hit him. It takes 4 hits for one mace. Do the other one, using the same procedure. Phase II: (Hits: 8)Same thing as above. Start out on the left side. Hit the light before the noise stops. Then, run to the other side, before the fire catches up to you. Repeat, alternating sides. Phase III: (Hits: 8) Alternate again. This time hit the light ASAP. Then you'll have less bullets to deal with when switching sides. Start on the left. After you beat the third form, if you don't have all 7 Chaos Emeralds, sit back and watch the bad ending. If you have all 7, get ready for the Final Fight....

Final Fight Zone

Welcome to the mystery zone - The Flicky Zone: Where Robotnik has now gained full access!!! Here, Robotnik attacks in 5 different forms - with his Egg-O-matic no longer functioning he has only one thing left - The Panic Puppet Battlesuit, miniaturized enough to give Sonic a run for his money!!! Phase I: (Hits: 1) Stand in the middle. When the hands are aimed at you. Run to the side. Do this again. When Robotnik goes into the luminated tiles, hit him. TAKE ONLY HALF OF THE RINGS WITH YOU!!!! Phase II: (Hits: 1) When Robotnik shoots the fire at you, run around the grid. He'll do this again. Keep running. When he pops up again, stand to right of him. When he comes into the tiles, hit him. If you miss. Next shot Robotnik takes, you can hit him. Just don't let his 3rd shot hit you! Phase III: (Hits: 1) Stand on the tile closest to you. When you hear the second noise run around the perimeter. Repeat this twice the hands will then position themselves. Stand on the tile closest to you. When they go in opposite directions, jump to the upper most corner. Again, hit Robotnik. Phase IV: (Hits: 1) Run around the tiles. Then the homing missiles probably won't hit you. When Robotnik pops up. Hit him. Do it quick. He won't stay in long this time. Phase V: (Hits: 1) Go to the area to the right of Robotnik. (The one you can see!) Go to the uppermost corner. No bullets can get you there! When he goes on to the grid, guess what! That's right! Hit him. Note: the Spin dash is no good in this boss. Phase VI: (Hits: 5) Phases I-V repeat themselves! This is why I ask you leave half of the rings. After you fully defeat the Eggman - sit back, relax, and enjoy your well deserved ending....

The Special Stage - Follow The Beaten Path...

Everywhere in these acts are both Knuckles and Tails. If you have 50 rings, touch them and they will take you to the special stage. The Saturn special stage is a spruced up version of the Sonic 2 special stage. If you've played Sonic 2, this should be pretty easy. The Genesis special stage is a bit different though. You are running up a bridge with ledges and spikes. Avoid both and try to get as many rings as possible. After getting 50, then 100 rings, you'll get a Chaos Emerald. This brings up the only REALLY bad point about the game, there is no Super Sonic. If you get all 7 Chaos Emeralds, then like in Sonic 1 on Genesis, you simply get a good ending instead of a bad ending.