Blue is back....And this this time he's come with a vengeance! After a long streak of not being seen in the gameworld or lower par than usual Sonic games. Henceforth comes the Sonic game to top ALL Sonic games! It is the ULTIMATE ADVENTURE! Or rather - The Sonic Adventure!

Nearly five years after the release of the last true Sonic game, Sonic & Knuckles, the stage is set for the world to see blue once more. Your pupils are likely to look just like the Dreamcast logo after seeing the blue speed demon strut his stuff on Sega's new super-console...Sonic Adventure is coming, and there is no turning back. Strap up your red sneakers and grab a couple of Rings for the's going to be a FAST trip....

The Games Gallery: Sonic Adventure !!!
The Games Gallery: Sonic Adventure !!!

Sonic HQ: Project Sonic

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The Return Of The Eggman....Plus One...

Peace On Earth And Mobius?...Not For Long...

The seven Chaos Emeralds. Some say these powerful stones are older than time itself, but one thing is known for certain: they grant immense, unbelievable power to whomever holds them. Power that can turn a normal average everyday joe - into something far more powerful. Something....Super....Enter Dr. Ivo Robotnik, the Eggman.

The Scrap Brain, The Little Planet, The Death Egg, The Veg-O-Fortress, The Egg Labyrinth, The Silver Castle, The Panic Puppet, Carnival Island, even the mediocre Mean Bean Machine. All of his greatest plans and traps dashed to pieces by a blue hedgehog. Some of them worse than others...But one thing about the Eggman: he NEVER gives up. To do so is to admit defeat. And Robotnik will NEVER admit defeat....

So in the wake of his many many MANY fruitless attempts at ruling Mobius and eradicating a certain pesky hedgehog - Dr. Robotnik discovered the immense power the Chaos Emeralds while excavating to make a secret underground laboratory. It was at the excavation site that he stumbled across some ancient drawings. The long-buried illustrations revealed what he had SO LONG BEEN DENIED - the true power of the Chaos Emeralds, previously known only to civilizations that time has long since forgotten!!! The doc decides it's time he takes one more shot at these super stones, feeling he has the experience and enough lessons in the school of hard knocks to put that pain-in-the-butt hedgehog in his place. Knowing full-well he is uncapable of beating Sonic with only his natural abilities, there is only one hope for the Eggman: a weapon even more powerful than the blue blur himself - and something that JUST MAY put the Death Egg to shame. Completely aware that all of his previous mechanical creations have failed, Robotnik tries a new strategy: Perfect Chaos.

Perfect Chaos...Or Perfect Disaster?

The Perfect Chaos, as it is called, is a liquid monster with the ability to change shape to suit any situation. The water beast feeds on the power of the Chaos Emeralds, and is constantly growing in strength. It is solely responsible for wiping out an entire civilization thousands of years ago, and it's in these ruins that Robotnik digs the living fluid up. With Perfect Chaos under his control, Dr. Eggman plans to use the beast to take over a large city to create the supreme home base: Eggman Land. But that's only the beginning. Utilizing his army of Badniks and his new army of Ganma robots, Robotnik's first objective is to take control of Station Square. An encounter with his old foe Sonic the Hedgehog is no less than inevitable...And what does Dr. Robotnik say?

"Am I crazy, or am I a genius? I've got all the technology in my hands. It's time for me to take over the world!"

So without further ado - Your Guide To Sonic Adventure....

Marching Towards Victory....

The Adventure Briefing

So just WHAT is Sonic Adventure like? What makes it so special? We've been reporting on Sonic for weeks now. We've seen the premiere in Japan via the net, read interviews with Sega's president, Shouichirou Irimajiri, and Sonic's designer, Yuri Naka, and tracked down dozens of shots and compacted it all into one HUGE preview full of basic info, gameplay, and exactly WHAT the game will consist of. Come here to get your briefing on your next mission - The Sonic Adventure....

Stats And Walkthrough

This will become the place where you will be able to find the walkthrough when we are able to get our hands on the game. Right now this section holds stats for the game as well as screenshots and descriptions of the various levels located in Sonic Adventure

Game Characters

This Sonic game features the largest cast ever! Who are the heroes and various villians in the game? Come here to find out the various characters in SA and the gameplay and moves surrounding them...

A-Life And The VMS Uplink

Click here to learn about the A-Life and how it will work in Sonic Adventure plus info on the VMS Uplink! The first of its kind in a Sonic game!!

A Little Song And Dance

Music makes the world go round and Sonic Adventure is no different! Click here to see and hear the themes and lyrics of the SA characters...

An Interview With Yuji Naka

Taken from - the interview with Yuji Naka and the president of Service Games on Sonic Adventure !


Various screenshots culminated from different resources on the net.


The various movies that you can view as a preview of the game!