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Sonic Spinball

Robotnik's latest scheme is to turn all the innocent citizens of Mobius into evil lightning speed. Using a high-tech, super-efficient robot factory hidden in a volcano; utilizing the energy produced by the magma that flows through the volcano's tunnels. The Veg-O Fortress, as it's known, is guarded by a dangerous pinball defense system. Only one too-cool hedgehog has the wits and the moves to break the defense and get at the heart of this metallic prison...Sonic the Hedgehog!!! Looking for a challenge? Sonic Spinball is by far the HARDEST Sonic game on ANY system! Created in November of 1993, Sonic Spinball is an adventure/pinball game in which Sonic tries to free his friends from Robotnik's Veg-O-Fortress. If you've played Sonic 2's Casino Night Zone, then you know what this is like. As hard as this game is I have actaully beaten it WITHOUT a game genie. However unless you don't want to see the outside world for quite a while I suggest you get very ready to handle this game! The object in this game is to get the Chaos Emeralds that Robotnik is using to power up is fortress. There are 3 in the first two stages and 5 in the rest. This game is also a VERY significant landmark. People often say that the Archie Comics hold NO place in the Sega world. Well the further you go in this game the further characters you see from the SatAM cartoon ( Note that this game was created by Sega Of America and NOT Sega Of Japan) - including Princess Sally, Rotor The Walrus, Bunnie Rabbot, Robotnik's cluck bots, An actual look at a roboticiser in action, as well as Hip and Hop The Kangaroos and Scratch from "Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog". There are only 4 levels to the game but they are LONG and EXTREMELY hard the further on you go! Consisting of The Toxic Caves, The Lava Powerhouse, The Machine, and the hardest Sonic Zone ever created on any Sonic game period - The Showdown!!! Good luck, you're gonna need it.

Toxic Caves Zone
Lava Powerhouse Zone
The Machine Zone
The Showdown Zone

Multiball Play: There's a great multi-ball stage in Sonic Spinball. To reach it, get all the rings on a level. Then find the gate -- it looks like a large sparkling ring. Voil´┐Ż: multiball play!

Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball- Sega Genesis, Sega Megadrive, Game Gear

Game Codes And Strategy Guides Courtesy Of Jared Matte A.K.A. The Green Gibbon , Secrets Of The Game Sages and Radical City

The Code Bank

The Special Stage Secret: If you have Sonic & Knuckles, you can access a special bonus stage. To activate, insert your Sonic Spinball cartridge into Sonic & Knuckles, then turn on your Genesis. Wait for a screen with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Robotnic and the words, "No Way". Now hold A + B + C and you're ready to play.

Level Select: From the Options screen, press A, Down, B, Down, C, Down, A, B, Up, A, C, Up, B, C, Up. To activate, hold A and press Start for level 2, hold B and press Start for level 3, or hold C and press Start for level 4.

First Appearances: The Freedom Fighters - Sally Acorn, Bunnie Rabbot, Rotor The Walrus, Scratch, the Veg-O-Fortress, The Roboticiser, Hip And Hop

Comic Adaption: Title: Sonic The Hedgehog # 6 - "The Spin Doctor"

Writer: Mike Gallagher
Artist: Dave Manak

Summary: The adaption of the Sgea Genesis Game Sonic Spinball! When the Freedom Fighters attack Robotnik's factory, they find that Robotnik has relocated to deep within Mount Mobius, an active volcano off the coastline! And it is there where Sonic enters the Veg-O-Matic Fortress, powered by a new Pinball Defense System where he is attacked by Rexxon and Scorpius! After defeating them, he runs into two allies in the Lava Powerhouse, Hip and Hop, who warn him about the Ferrons. But after Sonic trashes the Ferrons, he comes across a more dire situation - a cell full of animals awaiting roboticization!

Toxic Pools Zone

This is the easiest stage - And thats saying something in itself. After the intro Sonic jumps from the water shakes himself off and gets to going! The main bot here is the cluck. Don't stand on the platform at the bottom for too long, or the Rexxon will come up and chomp you. The first Emerald is in a large vat. You must knock out the levers on both sides of the vat to drain it. Then, go up and use the barrel to row yourself to the emerald. The other 2 are on the mine cart. Go up to he area with the barrels and knock out the levers on both sides. Go on the mine cart and go all the way down on both sides for the next 2 emeralds!

Now you can go to the boss. The boss here is the UGLIEST Sonic boss I have ever had the mispleasure of seeing - A scorpion type monster with a Robotnik head. The easiest way to defeat him is to jump into his curled tail and bounce around in there. Once the tail comes off, keep hitting his back to defeat him.

Lava Powerhouse Zone

This zone isnt too hard but it isnt too easy either. The main enemy here is the Ferronbot. Watch out for the lava here, and be careful not to slip into the vat of lava at the bottom. The first emerald here is easy. Just go up the middle using the Clucks to launch yourself up the tube. The emerald is at the top. You may notice the other two emeralds right there in two tubes to the left and right of the main one. You have to go up the left or right side of the stage and flip yourself into either of the tunnels. Keep jumping to make the air jets push you up to the emerald. The boss of this stage is a vat of hot gas with 4 Robotnik heads circling around in them. Just get in there and knock them out. Easy as that.

The Machine Zone

Before I saw the Showdown I thought this was gastronomically hard. So prepare yourself for a few hours in front of the tube....Two of the emeralds in here are in the main room, just time your jumps right when you jump in the holes. Two emeralds are on the sides. Use the flippers to go up the side of the rooms by holding down the flipper button as Sonic rests on it. One of the many tunnels leads to the emerald. The same goes for the tall room on the other side. At the top there is a giant room full of Roboticizer tubes. Break them open to free the animals. The one in the very middle holds the fifth emerald. Get it to open up the boss room at the top of the stage.
This boss is actually the roboticiser itself! It's actually one of the easier bots to deal with...He sends animals into the machine and roboticizes them into Clucks, Ferrons, and Busters as they come out. Knock out the tubes that send the animals into the roboticizer. Once that's done, jump up and knock the roboticizer out. Now on to the final stage....

The Showdown Zone

This is by far the hardest stage in any Sonic game. Taking place at a GIGANTIC construction site you must work your way upwards into Robotniks War Room in his giant ship....For the first emerald, go up and knock out the thingie that's stopping you from going up any farther. Get the emerald. Now go into the two side rooms. If you use the flippers and shoot yourself up you'll go into a tube with the emerald. Now shoot yourself outside and jump down the extreme sides of the stage. Use the flipper to catapult yourself back up the sides. Catapult into a tube that gets you the emerald and sends you back down the side. Now that you have all 5 emeralds, either shoot yourself up the sides to the dead center of the board or go up to the middle top of the stage where these missiles are falling down. Jump up the missiles and into Robotnik's ship....

Robotnik is HUGE and abominably ugly! And is easy IF you just take your time and DONT RUSH !!!!!!!!!!! Hit the plunger beneath his Super Egg-O-Matic. Everytime you hit the plunger, something different will happen. Claws could come out that grab you and drop you back down when you use the flippers to go up. Giant windsocks could suck you in and throw you at the windows. If that happens 3 times, the window will break and you will fall back to the board. You'll have to get back up there and start ALL OVER AGAIN. If you go up and nothing happens, it'll be open. When this happens, do NOT hit the plunger again! Keep going up the sides and plug Robotnik on the top of his ship. After 10 hits he's done for. You've beaten the game!

The Special Zones - The Bonus Pinball Rooms !!!!

The bonus rooms can only be accessed if you have finished with at least 50 rings before you finish off the boss. There are three total rooms each of which providing you a break before getting back to the action!

Trapped Alive: The Freedom Fighters have been locked away in containment chambers, but Robotniks busy gaurding in his Egg O Matic ! The objective - Destroy the roboticiser tubes serving as their prisons and free The Freedom Fighters!

Bust The Teeth: Don't worry about the targets behind the moving Robotnik head - Your true objective lies at the big bucked teeth of Ivo Robotnik! Knock out the teeth with pinpoint accuracy and you may get a prize!

Destroy The Pod: Guess who's guarding the Prison Pod! Scratch is back and to help himself out hes decided to clone himself to keep that pesky hedgehog from freeing the animals. Destroy Scratch and his clones and then go willy nilly for The Prison Pod !!