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"The first thing that struck you as the game kicked in was to be the vast amount of depth and detail on-screen. The backgrounds are huge, and in the city landscape we saw was filled with incredible detail and thousands of objects. The automatic camera did a superb job of keeping up with the action and presented it always from a useable angle, but not always in the way you might have imagined. In one section, while Sonic ran down the side of a building, the camera followed the action but basically inverts, so Sonic is upside down at the top of the screen, heightening the dizzying effect. Excellent. The quality of the graphics did indeed surpass anything weve seen before -- though there was a very tiny bit of clipping in evidence in one scene, but its still early and the rest of the show soon made you forget that. This is a game that knows its 3D, no holds barred, with immense vertical drops which induced a real sense of free-flight falling, platforms bursting into the frame at all heights and angles, and enemies, collectable items, buildings and vehicles all in intricately-constructed polygonal splendor."

- Quote From Next Generation Magazine

Sonic Adventure runs at an incredible 60 frames per second and at a high resolution of 640 x 480. The 3D levels are gorgeous and absolutely huge. The level of detail in each level is simply unprecedented. The texture quality is superb and evident throughout the levels of the game. All in all, graphics of this nature have never been achieved before on the PC or the home consoles. Here you will be able to find a walthrough of the game when we are able to get our hands on it. For right now - enjoy the stats and descriptions of zones! :o)

Emerald Coast Zone
Speed Highway Zone
Windy Valley Zone
Red Mountain Zone
Ice Cap Zone
Lost World Zone - Tentative Title
Lava World Zone - Tentative Title
Mystic Ruin Zone - Tentative Title
Twinkle Park Zone
Tails' Factory Zone - Unknown Title
Casinopolis Zone - Speculated Title. POSSIBLY a part of Twinkle Park. Unknown to be regular zone or sub game.
Flying Zone - Unknown Title
Egg Carrier Zone

How This Page Is Set Up - Walkthrough And Introduction

This page is set up like any of the other walkthrough pages to make it easier to browse. Located below are places for stats, first looks, etc. We have set up an introductory screenshot of the zone and you can click that picture if you want to see more screenshots of what the zone looks like. Underneath that intro screenshot is some helpful info to get you acquainted in with the zone and what you can expect. To save a lot of loading time on your part we only took some GOOD pics that we could find off of the net and didnt get the multititude of Sonic shots that have already flooded the internet. When we finally get our hands on Sonic Adventure - expect this page to become a walkthrough. But for right now have fun getting acquainted with what you can look forward to! Happy Searching!

Sonic The Hedgehog: Sonic Adventure - Sega Dreamcast

The Stats Bank

Size: 1 GB-Rom Disk (Gigabyte CD-Rom Disk) .
One. Two-player challenge probable.
Scheduled Release Dates: December 23,1998 in Japan. September 1, 1999 (?) in North America and Europe.
Style: 3D Action/Platform with RPG elements.
Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Big the Cat, and E-102 (Gamma).

First Appearances: Sonic The Hedgehog (Long Quills), Amy Rose (New Design), Big The Cat, E-102 Ganma, E-101 - 105 Ganma, Dr. Robotnik (New Design), Chaos, Chao Creatures, The Egg Carrier

Comic Adaption: Unknown At This Time

The Zones !!!

Originally Typed By Green Gibbon! Webpage - The Neo Green Hill Zone

Retyped By Jonathan Gray

It seems that Sonic Adventure consists of several primary areas:

- Station Square - A populated Cityscape area where Chaos and Robotnik make thier first move, and where Sonic and company interact with different people.
- Forest And Mountain Area: Mystic Ruins - The largest of the playable areas. Complete with mountains, valleys - hidden and open, a possible active volcano, and ancient ruins.
- Factory/Industrial Area: Egg Carrier - The last and probably hardest of the three. The headbase of Robotnik and Chaos.

Each of these areas encompasses several sub-areas -- better known by longtime fans as Zones -- to create a total of 10+ levels, not counting other unknown levels and subgames. The City seems to be largest as far as action, holding the Speed Highway, Emerald Coast, Twinkle Park, and Casino Night Zones. The Forest and Mountain Area are the largest in terms of numbers of zones and exploration and action - home to the IceCap, Red Mountain, Windy Valley and yet-unnamed temple Zones (Mystic Ruin, etc). As far as I can tell, Robotnik's Carrier is a level all to itself, the Egg Carrier Zone plus the unnamed "Flying Zone" where you pilot Tails' bi-plane. Its unknown where the other "factory" levels fit in.

Unfortunately, the above map (scanned from a Japanese Dreamcast magazine) shows no trace of the Windy Valley Zone or Tails Factory Zone (speculated title)...which we know SOMEHOW exists. Perhaps "Tails' Factory is part of another zone and the Windy Valley is the base of Red Mountain. We do not know. Aside from the actual levels, there also seem to be some "in between" areas where Sonic (or whoever you happen to be playing as) can converse with people. Think of them as RPG "villages", if you will...Sonic style! A good example of this is Amy's area, E-102 Ganma's fighting arena, and certain parts of Station Square.

It should be noted that the information above and following is mostly educated speculation based on screenshots and info from Japanese game mags. The Zone names are subject to change (with "Casino Night", "Tails Factory", and "Windy Valley" being particularly tentative), and basically don't bet your house on anything you read here. But we can guarantee that the screenshots are all 100% authentic, and real screenshots don't lie. Unfortunately, because the screens come from so many different sources, they're not all equal in size. Also, since quite a few of them were scanned, the resolution leaves alot to be desired. Some zones have had more info released than others, so dont expect completly thorough outlooks. Happy searching!

Location #1 - Station Square

Emerald Coast Zone

An island resort type zone, most likely to be the "beginning zone". Not much is known about this Zone, but it appears to take place along a stretch of prime beachside real estate, rather than the unpopulated shores of earlier Sonic games. It seems to resemble the Resort Island Zone (from Sonic R) more than anything else, with scattered islands and lagoons as well as signs of life, such as piers and grass huts. New to the mix are towering condos, standing in perfect harmony with trademark Sonic palmtrees.

It's odd this isn't a more heavily showcased level, as Sonic is perhaps more commonly associated with the "tropical island paradise" scenario than with any other. It is also worth mentioning that the classic "checkerboard scenery" so associated with Sonic games is nowhere to be seen...

Speed Highway Zone

One of the zones with THE BEST graphics in the game and a showcase of JUST how fast Sonic can be on the Dreamcast. Resembles Sonic CD's Stardust Speedway. A classic speed highway in an amazingly detailed Neon city. Lots of traffic and many big skyscrapers. This is the Zone that instantly comes to mind when someone utters the words "Sonic Adventure". That's probably because it was the first level unveiled to the public on August 22, the day of the Sonic press conference. It also serves as an excellent visual testament to the sheer power of the Dreamcast, with an unbelievably massive scope, a higher speed than even the fastest of today's racers, and lots of lighting effects...all at the promised 60fps.

As Sonic, the object is to speed through these mean streets, most likely passing various checkpoints within a given amount of time. Other screenshots showcase Sonic barreling straight down the side of a skyscraper, and Tails flying along the city skyline. This also seems to be the level where Sonic may FIRST go up against Perfect Chaos in the form of a Liquid Sonic...

Twinkle Park Zone

One of the more recent additions in Sonicland are the amusement park Zones, which started in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 with the Carnival Night Zone, and soared in popularity. (One could argue that the first theme park Zone was Sonic the Hedgehog 2's Casino Night, but that is better categorized in pinball-style courses, and represented in Sonic Adventure by the Casinopolis Zone.)

Twinkle Park is obviously about colorful lights in a dark setting, and the result is one of the most beautiful videogame levels ever designed as far as we can see. Reminiscent of the old Disney lightshow parades on Main Street, but with features far more elaborate than anything ever done in those (the pirate ship inparticular looks very nice). It even comes complete with a rollercoaster...

Casinopolis Zone

Of course, a Sonic game just wouldn't be a Sonic game without the ever-popular pinball courses. And Casinopolis makes Casino Night look like the kiddie play area in a riverboat casino. A gambler's dream, this place has everything you'd expect from a high-class Las Vegas casino and then some (Minus the showgirls, of course. Hey, it's still Sonic...). It seems according to screenshots - that in order to advance, you must play a game of chance in the Main Room (the one with the big golden Sonic statue). If you win, you advance to the Strong Room (the one with all the gold coins). A losing hand lands you in the Shower Room (the one with the, uh...sewer like appearance...). Other rooms include the Green Room (backstage) and even a NiGHTS into Dreams... room! In the night's dream delight, indeed.

This looks to be a zone in itself BUT it is unknown whether this is a solitary zone all its own OR a section of Twinkle Park OR parts of a HUGE mini-zone/bonus area. If this IS a section in Twinkle Park then expect that to be a BIG ZONE. If its a mini area....then all I can say is "oh my....".

Forest And Mountain Areas

Lost World Zone

A lush, tropical jungle zone filled with waterfalls and spreading fauna VERY similar to the Jungle Zone and Meta Junglira Zone on the Sonic Game Gear games...No information is known on this zone yet, but I PERSONALLY have a feeling that it may be the outside of the Incan Ruin Zone area. Possibly, both are one in the same. I'm not sure yet...

Windy Valley Zone

One of the newer zones that have been shown to the public, Windy Valley pretty much defies description. This was one of the first zones where we are reintroduced to the "If Sonic picks up speed he can run on water" concept from Sonic 3! Visually, it isn't too much like any Zones I've seen the whole "mountain lake" aspect it remotely resembles the Bridge and Azure Lake Zones from Sonic 1 GG and Sonic 3, but the similarities end there. The "windy" adjective comes from the numerous windmills, propellors, and other assorted fans that dot the cliffs. Looking at the cloud line, it seems that Windy Valley is infact the lower half of the Red Mountain Zone, which would explain why it isn't visible on the world map. Infact, they may even be the same Zone, perhaps two different Acts. Guess we poor US gamers will have to wait until September '99 to find out for sure...

Unfortunately, that's all there is to say about this Zone as of now. But there's screenshots a-plenty, although the low resolution makes it obvious they were scanned. Hey, that's all there is, take it or leave it...

Red Mountain Zone

Unlike previous Sonic Zones of the same nature (namely Sky High and Hill Top), the ground isn't a pretty shade of turquoise, and the grass isn't quite so green. Imagine a very barren Hill Top Zone and you're on the right track. The trees are leafless, the grass is dead, and rickety wooden bridges connect the plateus. Giant propellors floating in the air add another interesting dimension to this stage, and give it an overall visual look unlike anything we've yet seen in Sonic.

One of the playable levels at the Fall '98 Tokyo Game Show, Knuckles' task in this Zone is to search out and collect three crystals. He'll need all of his abilities to get them, including his classic gliding and digging maneuvers. His digging ability takes on a whole new perspective in the third dimension...

Lava World Zone

Sonic leaping the Ash islands floating on molten streams of red hot lava!!! Reminiscent of Sonic & Knuckles' Lava Reef Zone. Unfortunately no information is known on this zone as of yet. POSSIBLY part of the Red Mountain...

Mystic Ruin Zone

This is the zone in the FIRST screenshots that were released to the public! There is VERY VERY VERY little information let alone screenshots of this zone that exist. However it looks to take place in an ancient Incan Ruin type of setting. And wherever you go as far as old abandoned temples are concerned you're bound to find booby traps. Those that are ancient, and those that have been added with a little Robotnik heft...

Ice Cap Zone

The "Ice Cap Zone" in Sonic 3 was arguably one of the most popular zones in that game - and this time its back, with a facelift and a vengeance....Despite the obvious visual similarities with the original Zone, Sonic 3's Ice Cap and Adventure's Ice Cap (neither of which are to be confused with Sonic Drift 2's "Ice Cap") can't be one and the same, unless these forest and mountain areas take place upon the Floating Island. Whatever the case, the third dimension treats this classic level well, flawlessy creating the eerily beautiful scenario of jagged, snow-capped mountain peaks. Either a skier's worst nightmare or greatest dream, I'm not sure which...

Tails' demo was in this level at the Fall '98 Tokyo Game Show. His goal was a snowboarding race against Sonic down the side of the mountain. Sounds easy enough, but things get complicated when an avalanche develops right on his tail (or rather, tails)...

Industrial And Factory Areas

Tails' Factory Zone

Very, very little is known about this Zone. From what I can tell, it looks unique to Tails, perhaps even being his home/workshop combined. The large, rounded boulders and rock surfaces are very similar to those on Tails Island, the location of Tails' most recent solo game performance, Tails Adventure. It seems to be a factory/mining area sitting over a view of the ocean...

Sonic is present in some of the shots too, but Sonic is present in every Zone. This level isn't shown on the scenario map, either, so it's possible that this isn't an actual Zone...but these screenshots didn't just come out of nowhere. Take a look and draw your own conclusions...

Egg Carrier Zone

The final zone? Of just part of another cunning location in Sonic Adventure. Its unknown and technically TOO EARLY to make speculation. Absolutely nothing is known on this zone so you'll just have to look and see for yourself on what to expect here...

Miscellaneous Areas - Sub Games And Bonuses

The Chao Gardens

TECHNICALLY the Chao Gardens are probably not a zone. BUT they are very in synch with the A-Life properties that will accompany Sonic Adventure. Sonic and the others can communicate with the Chao through the special "Chao Garden" in each Zone. Similar to NiGHTS' Nightopians, the Chao must be well-treated if they are to breed and multiply successfully. Good relationships with the Chao will be rewarded as they bring you items and will approach you as you pass. Mistreat them, and they will make faces and throw rocks at you like mad little children - which all in all would probably be a laugh riot! For more information go to our section on Sonic Adventure A-Life and The VMS Uplink.

The Flying Area

No picture availabe right now

NOW THIS is the biggie. The return of Tails' bi-plane - with a twist. Just watching the entire thing morph is a sight within itself...It seems that this level (unknown to be an actual zone) will take place in a dark rainy thunderstorm as Tails and Sonic fly off into an unknown destination. If this is a zone its gonna be one doozy of a level...