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Hi, this is gonna sound really dumb and you're probably gonna go home and say to someone, "Let me tell you what this idiot asked me." But anyway, today I downloaded the episode No Brainier on the Internet. Y'know that part where Sonic knocks the Robotisizer off line, well, when Snively sees it, it sounds to me like he says, "Do I hafta do everything around here. Damn!" And that's not good language for a kid's show. Can you tell me what he says? Also, did Knuckles ever appear on the Sat, AM?

Yes, it does sound like that, but remember that this is Snively we're talking about. He's voice can play trick on you...and no, Knuckles never showed up in the SatAM.

Why do you want to kill Sally off?!?!?!!! The one thing I don't like about half of the sonic comic audience is THAT THEY ALL WANT TO KILL SALLY OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now looky Sal' is a really good character if you killed her off then all the other Freedom Fighters would get canceld and then the comic would be just like The adventures of Sonic the hedgehog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we don't want that to happen do we????!? There is only one character that I want to be killed......GEOFFERY ST.JOHN!!

You know, you should go see a doctor! You get a bit carried away. First of all, Sally will NOT die, Sega will not allow that. And secondly, the second part of the message was uncalled for (that's why I didn't show it).

Its Nexus again. I came back to the Q&A page and saw that "Office Depot Customer" Was saying I was wrong. But like I said, Ken confirmed it. And why would Robotnik free Snivley when he was the one who killed Robotnik??? Although he is right that that sat dude might of freed the prisinors...and Ken also confirmed that they are planning the Sonic & Sally wedding in issue 100. I just thought you'd like ta know seeing that you all were a little clueless on that topic.

Are you sure that we're clueless? We just happened to be the ones to confirm that the hand's not Robotnik's. And Robotnik doesn't know Snively turned on him! And Sonic and Sally are not getting married in #100! That's confirmed by more than 3 sources! Most likely the people that's getting married are Bunnie and Antoine or St. John and Hershey.

Well, I've been a fan of Sonic for a few years and back in like the past few years, I never knew the comic book existed. I'm not a big fan to Sonic since I'm loyal to Super Mario, no offense. I just started buying the Sonic comics March 1998 so I don't know a lot yet. This is my only question for now. Why won't your Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog theme song wav. file work? It downloads fine on Winzip, but whenever I want to open it, it says Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive, if you downloaded this file try downloading the file again, and press H1 for help, and everytime I downloaded again, the same error message appears.

Email WB, the page editor about that.

Yea its me Gabe again and I wanted to know if there were any other websites that had some more stuff on Knuckles 26-28?

Hmm, not many. Our site give the best coverage. Ken Pender's site is good too. Click here to go there.

This is just a rumor I heard, but is it true there's going to be a movie about the continuation of the ABC Sonic? The story takes place when Doomsday is destroyed and snively plots revenge. Now I also heard that Foo Fighters, Semi-Sonic, Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins, and more are supposed to be on the soundtrack to kick Titanic's ass! Supposidly, this movie is animated but remember this is just a rumor. Have you heard anything relative to this? If so give me more info. -Rich

Sorry to say this, but it's not true.

Hey I was wondering if you have downloads of Knuckles Chaotix?
Aaron Wood

OK, we have some midis of the game.

I don't like the adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, but is there a place where you can download the Christmas Blast episode. I've never seen that one and I hear it's pretty cool.

I haven't seen any on the net.

I think Sonic and Sally sould NOT get marreid. I think they should be boy & girlfriend. Do you think I'm right?
Marcjon, Super Duper Special Sonic Fan!


Is it true that the ORIGINAL Endgame script states that the Sally in the tube is a ROBOT and the REAL Sally actually died from her fall but we wouldn't know that till next year (which is this year)?
Noele T2


I was wondering if you could tell me where I could get DiCs address or email address because I can't find them on the web. thanks a lot.
Soneec the Hedgehog

They don't have an email, and they're not on the web. And we don't know their address, sorry.

I just found your site and did not know if I should post this to youur Q&A section as I am not a member, if such is required. I have seen a number of posts on how many fingers Knuckles has. Most Echidna's have three fingers and a thumb, as shown by several covers and pictures of Echidna's like Wyn and Knuckles mother, among others. The clincher that the glove is actually a type of boxing glove type affair is that on the cover of Knuckles the Echidna #10, the lead Echidna in the procession has a torn glove like Knuckles', showing his fingers and the slot where his index finger goes, leading people to believe that there is only a thumb, index finger, and hand. Hope this helps.

No, you don't have to be a member to post. And thanks for your input.

Dear Sonic Q&A Page,
This is a strange question, but, did Sonic ever have sex with Sally? And if he did, how did they show their private parts?

I knew one of these will pop up! And the answer is no. And there's something called fur that covers up the furries like clothing for humans. And, like I said all along, this is Mobius, not Earth, so quit comparing the two!

Hi there, it's me again: Alex. I have 2 questions: How were Sonic & Mighty old friends? 2. Is Knuckles Chaotix a good game? I had looked at a game site & it said that it was a big dissapointment for people who like Sonic games. Those are the only questions that I have for now. Thanks a lot! BYE!

1) We don't know...not right now. We'll find out in Knuckles #26.
2) Knuckles' Chaotix is a great game! I liked it. It's worth playing.

Dear Sonic HQ, A question asked on August 16th, 1998 asked, what is Sally's mother's name ? Well, from my research I believe the answer is Alicia !Amazing...huh! I have a few questions for you about the comics and your site: 1) What music is play in the Comic Preview Page?(I like) 2) Do you have any sites I can go to get some info about the new Sonic Underground series(coming out this fall!) ? 3) Could you give me any background about Queen Alicia? (what she did)
Loyal Fan

Well...that name was just shown to public about a few days ago. And I believe WE are the first to report it. Anyway, 1) The music is called Sandopolis from the Virtual Sonic CD. 2) Yeah, our news page. 3) Nothing is known about her right now. We'll get to know her better starting in Knuckles #19.


And what is the point of this?! And note to all: from now on, all letters with all CAPS will be tossed into the trash!

How'cum Naugus was the GOOD GUY in the SatAM Cartoon, but then Archie made him the BAD GUY in the comix?!
Noele "T2"

Actually, Naugus will eventually become the BAD GUY in the third season of SatAM.

Hi, it's me Alex again. I've checked out your whole page and I think it's the best Sonic site! Well I have a question. Can you tell me what the voices of the Freedom Fighters & the Chaotix sound like? I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out what they like. Well have a nice day! BYE!

Thanks! Voices? Go to our cartoon info page for the voices of Freedom Fighters. As for the Chaotix, we don't know, they're never on TV.

Why does Sonic's family have 3 2-D quills on the back's of their heads but Sonic has a whole bunch of 3-D quills on the back of his head?

Hmm...depending on how you see it. All drawings are 2D. But the way you mean it...'cause they're robots.

Hi I get the comic book series and I was wondering, one, what is Sonic's real name? Two, when will Sonic go on and marry Sally? and Finally three, is it true that St. John's secret service is being put together to find Sally's mother? Gotta split! YODA

1) Real first name? We don't know, we'll find out. 2) Maybe issue #200, maybe never. 3) Yes.

I have to say you are wrong on this one. Sonic is 15 when the series started wasn't he? Now in some of the comics it gives us a specific date. Now is that the same year that Robotnik overthrew Mobius? No! Because I also remember seeing somewhere it has been like this FOR YEARS so if possible the freedom fighters should be growing it's only for technical reasons and not because they just should. Also in the birthday issue will Sonic be turning 16? Thus saying it has been one year sence I turned 15 waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in issue 1? So I think that Mobian time has to be different than earth time and all is well.

Robotnik's coup took place when the Freedom Fighters were 5, but we basicly skipped over the ten years with Sonic Kids. Now to look at time on Mobius, you have to forget Earth's existance. Take End Game for example. This took place in less than 5 days on Mobius, but it took 4 month on Earth. So you just CAN'T compare Earth with Mobius. We're talking two different dimensions here. And as you know, our physics only work in OUR dimension.

Hi! My name is Jeff. This is more of a comment than a question really. People are using their recordings of Sonic the Hedgehog from the SAT AM T.V Show and are SELLING THEM! Forgive me for asking, but isn't that illegal? They're selling someone else's product and there is a $250,000,000 fine or a jail sentence for doing that. Is this illegal or can people do it? My second question is: Do you think Sally ever gets on Sonic's nerves? Although she's important in the comic and in the cartoon, she can be a real nag! I bet she gets on all of the Freedom Fighters' nerves, but they just don't say anythhing about it because she's higher power. I would tell her that she's annoying right to her face! I'd have no problem doing that! Well, thanks for listening to my questions and concern. Please answer my questions!

Like you said yourself, they're selling the records, in other word they're selling the TAPES. That's not illegal. And Sally, do you have ANY prove that she gets on everyone's nerves? She might be getting on YOUR nerves and a few others...but not everyone's.

Greetings HQers,
It's me again. I have this one question that's been bothering me for a while. Ever since Sonic 62, some people say that hand in that comic was Robotnik's, others say it isn't. What I believe it might belong to that overlander guy from the Director's cut that Robotnik vaporized. Could that be it?

No. Most likely it's Bot Robotnik from Sonic #22.

Hi. I was wondering a lot of stuff about the Hidden Palace on Sonic 2. Someone told me if you collected all the rings and emeralds, after Wing Fortress, you'd be taken there. But others say, he made that up and it's unaccessible. (is that a word) Anyway, I was wondering..
1. Is it accessible
2. Do you know if that code works?
3. Where can I buy a Pro Action Replay for SEGA Genesis? (I know the code for that is, FFFE1 00008.)
4. For the Hidden Palace code, I rented a game Genie and did the code that way a whole buncha times and wouldn't you know it, it never worked. How was I supposed to access it, push start at the title screen?
Sonic Fan

OK, Hidden Palace was supposed to, according to some, be in Sonic 2. But Sonic 2, like most of the other Sonic games, was rushed by Sega to keep up with public demands, so the level was never finished.

1) Yes, at least I heard it's a yes.
2) Don't know.
3) I don't think retailers ship that thing anymore.
4) I don't think Game Genie can get in. Well, someone already told you on the Mobius Forum...

Hi, I am Alex, I have 4 questions that I was wondering if you could answer for me. .. 1. How old are each of the Freedom Fighters? 2. How Old are each of the Chaotix? 3. How many fingers does Knuckles have? And...4. Why did Knuckles' father enter the forbidden zone? Well that's all I have to ask you. Thanks. Bye!

1 and 2) read the profile page! In the comic info section.
3) We don't know, guesses range from 2-5. That's why we put up a survey.
4) To get away from Knuckles and go to Haven.

Will Ray the Squirrel make an appearance in either the Sonic or Knuckles comics any time soon?

Yes, in the backup story of Knuckles #26. Read the news page!

Its me again and I've been surfing the web on knux 26-28 and its been confirmed that its about knuckles first date and I was wondering if you will have a comic scan for it in the near future.
Gabe Baase

Yes, we will.

Hey Staff,
It's me again, Vickitty. I'd like ta know, is the hand in Sonic 62 Robo-Robotnik's? Also, do you know anything in store for Tails in the future? Thanks!

Well, Vickitty, recent hints points to Robo Robotnik, but nothing's certain for now. And Ken won't tell us:-( And as for Tails, he'll meet his uncle and father in the near future.

It's me again, Christopher, owner of Destroyer X's Cartoon. I have some more questions. Here they go again.
1.) What was the last issues Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts were in? They're pretty cool even though they're pretty stupid.
2.) How did the Freedom Fighters capture Snively and send him to Devil's Gulag Island?
3.) Why do some people want Dr. Eggman from the Japanese Sonic games to be in the comic book now that Dr. Ivo Robotnik is gone?
4.) How does Sonic get restored to normal in Sonic vs. Knuckles: Mecha Madness?
5.) Is Sonic's Friendly Nemesis Knuckles the Knuckles mini-series that had Knuckles battle Enerjak?
6.) Where can I find a .wav or .mp3 of the title music to Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog?
7.) I heard that Metal Sonic returned after his "melt-down" in Sonic issue #25, and he got the look he had from the video game Sonic and Knuckles. What issue did Metal Sonic make his comeback and how did the Freedom Fighters stop him that time?
8.) When I meant that did Tails ever use his tails as a fan propulsion blade, I meant did he ever do this to make himself run faster like he does in the video games?
9.) I'm a bit confused about the Floating Island and Echidnapolis thing. How did the city disappear from the island, how did it reappear, and how do Knuckles and the Chaotix get there?
10.) Would the Chaotix be considered a Freedom Fighter group, and when did Knuckles meet them?
11.) Do the Power Rings make Sonic go faster in the comic book, and is he the only one who can use them?
That's all the questions for now until I can think of more.

Well, here we go again!
1) Scratch And Grounder - #10, Grounder Cameo - #15, Coconuts - #30.
2) They captured him in Robonik's command center in Brave New World.
3) Hmm...Eggman, Robonik...same guy...
4) Nicole used the energy from the billionth ring.
5) Yes, but that's not the only issues he battled Enerjak.
6) Check our cartoon info page soon.
7) In the Knuckles Chaotix special and thanks to the use of the Power Gems he morphed into Hyper Metal Sonic The superhuge RED version of Metal Sonic.
8) Yes, check Sonic #52.
9) Long story, go here to read the reviews of Knuckles #4-#6.
10) They all met in the Knuckles Chaotix special. They are not considered a Freedom Fighter group but lend a hand when needed. thier true goal is to protect the Floating Island whenever Knuckles is away. THE ORIGINAL CHAOTIX were Mighty, Vector, Charmy, Espio, Heavy, And Bomb. The NEW CHAOTIX are Mighty, Vector, Espio, Julie-Su, Charmy ( Though he has taken leave to fulfill duties as a prince, and Constable Remington (To give assignments in Knuckles absence).
11) Appearently, Sonic still goes faster with a power ring, but anyone with a "heart" can use them.
Say, are you a new fan? 'Cause you've got some weird Qs...

To get to the hidden palace, use this game genie code: F6AA-BENA Note that this has a 50% chance of working. Special thanks to for giving me this code.


Hi. Guess who's ba-aack... Sorry I haven't been around lately but the computer broke down for about a week and I couldn't use the net for a while. Well I got a question: What kind of squirrel is Ray: a tree squirrel or a flying squirrel?
-Noele "T2"


If Mighty lived on the Floating Island his whole life, then how did he meet his best friend Ray or Sonic without the Guardian, Knuckles, the Chaotix or anyone else knowing about it? I think Mighty moved up to the Floating Island after his adventure with Ray and Sonic.

We'll find out in Knuckles #26.

I just checked out the newspage and found the article on 69 on were theres a possibility on robotnik returning some how I hope not even though he had his how do I say this small gags here and there every once in awhile but I think hes better dead and should not return like he did in issue 22.
Gabe Baase

Well, that said something major will happen, and that was reported about three month ago. New news says that Robo is gone, for now at least. And the event is moved up to #68.

Dear Sonic HQ Staff,
Why has Sonic always been stated to be fifteen? Archie's always said that since day one, and right now, he should technically be twenty. Are Mobius' years different then Earth's years or what? Thanks!

You have to remember that this is a COMIC book, not real life. I mean, take Mickey Mouse for example, he's been around for 50 years now, but he's still that same young age...

One more question. if there are codes for the secret levels, please give them to me.
Office Depot Customer

Keep checking our games info page, they'll be on there sooner or later.

I have to disagree with nexus. I think that the hand is Robotnik's. I think that the buttons he pushed, freed the prisoners. And why would he do that? most likly so snively could go back to robotropolis and somehow bring robotnik back.
Office Depot Customer

No matter what you think, it is confirmed by Ken Penders himself that the hand does not belong to Robotnik. But recent clues points to Robo Robotnik.

What kind of squirrel is Ray? What is Ray's personality like?

We basicly DON'T know anything about Ray's personality, he only appeared in ONE game that NEVER made it to the American shores. But we DO know that he's a flying squirrel.

Dear Sonic HQ,
Many are wondering what that hand is. I can say this..... It is not the hand of Robotnik. I can't tell who it is but it is definatly not him. They killed him off for a number of reasons that was best for the writers and the comic itself. And he is not due back for any cameo appearance ever! Thank you and good night,
~(Sir) Nexus J Hedgehog

Yes, Ken Penders confirmed in the Sonic HQ interview about a month ago that the hand's not Robotnik's. But to say that he's not coming back is a little extreme. This is Robonik we're talking about here...the Sega character...Archie don't have the right to kill him off.

Hello, again! Gee, I ask a lot of questions, but anyway, I was wondering if you have the full japanese intro movie clip of Sonic CD. Thanks!
Jeff VanVranken

Nope, sorry...

i got a question, on news post, someone said that there are secret levels in sonic 1 2 and 3 but he wont give out the codes. got any info on these levels?

Check our game info page for that info. And yes, there are some secret levels in those games.

Hi, I`m a British Sonic fan who`s only just got online within the last couple of weeks, and although I`ve heard of them, I`ve never seen an Archie Comic in my life (the U.K`s Fleetway country, and it sounds like we`ve drawn the proverbrial short straw as far as quality`s concerned) As a Tails maniac, I`m fascinated by the story of Fiona; is there any chance of me seeing a picture of her? And if it makes anyone feel any better, we simply don`t have ANY videos of the SatAM series over here. I`ve been hunting for an importer for literally years. Thanks (and in the unlikely event of you ever needing help with questions about the British side of Sonic, mail me anytime),
Samanfur the Fox

Oh yes...Fiona...hmmm, I'll tell you that she's a robot made by Robotnik and she first appeared in Tails' solo mini-series. And also that at the time Dave Manak drew it's a bit on the ugly side. I'll ask one of the Sonic HQ members to scan a picture, when they do scan it, it'll be on the comic scans page in the comic info section. And as for the SatAM cartoons, they're on the net, check the news page for details.

In issue 18 when Julayla is talking to sally she says "Though you might have longed for other paths, the duties of your birthright CAN NOT be denied." So I'm wondering if king Acorn really has the power to do what he said he would do in issue 60. joey

Good point, tell that to Ken Penders...

Is there any cool pics of Mighty the Armadillo and/or Ray the Squirrel available? Thanks!

Mmm...yeah, go to our games info section and check under SegaSonic Arcade (Sonic Arcade).

Guess who :)! Do you think that Knuckles is becoming the favorite because of the Freedom Fighter breakup? I saw in a Sonic HQ survey that Knuckles was becoming the favorite. Or do you think that the Knuckles comic is better?

Well, the survey only accounts for the internet Sonic fans. The Sonic comic right now is still outselling the Knuckles comic by at least 10,000 copies each month. So, no, Sonic is still way popular.

Hello. I have a few questions for you, alright?
1.) Where do Mighty and Ray live on Mobius in the SegaSonic (Japanese) version of Sonic?
2.) How old is Mighty and Ray?
3.) What kind of Squirrel is Ray?
4.) Whatever happend to Ray in the U.S. version of Sonic?

Well, here are the answers:
1) Mighty's on the Floating Island, and don't know where Ray lived...
2) Mighty's 15, and don't know about Ray...
3) Flying.
4) Hmm...don't know again...Ray only appeared in ONE game, so he's not that popular.

How do you all do this? Your page is so great, how do you do it?

Well, thank you. When we divided the workload, we divided it so that the members work on the section that they're best at. So you get a great page.

Who penciled brave new world.

Ken Penders.

Hi I am Falcon, I can answer a few questions you can't. For the person with the question about Sonic CD, you have to hang out on the conveyor belt while Robotink's device grinds agianst the conveyor belt and sometime around that will defeat him. Oh, Sonic is a name Sonic made up himself because his real name is Maurice Wentworth Hedgehog , it says so in the Archie comic Sonic the Hedgehog No.53.

Thanks for your help...and Wentworth? Where did it say that in Sonic #63? To my knowledge, Sonic's real first name was never told in the comics...

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