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Hi! I'm Jeff! I like to ask you question about your page.Well here it is,why when I click to see a preview on a few up coming issues on the comic preview page,why does it show sonic webrings? Thanks!! Your site is the best!!!

Currently, some of the preview covers are not available. That's because we preview the issues more than two month before the actual preview pop up on the net.

Hi! This is my second or third time in this page. By the way, it looks nice. I have a few questions (about 13 or more). I only have 20+ Archie Sonic related comics, so I don't know a lot about it. These questions are geared towards the Archie Sonic comics and the U.S. Sonic cartoons. Here are the questions.
1. In the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, Sonic is able to fly when he does his Sonic Triple Spin, but in the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon and comic book he can't. What is with Sonic flying in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog?
2. Has Tails ever used his tails as a fan propulsion blade in the U.S. Sonic cartoons and the Archie comic book?
3. How did Sally get Nicole?
4. Have the Knothole Freedom Fighters ever been to the Little Planet in the comic?
5. Has Amy Rose from the Archie comics ever used Dao Jing tarot cards?
6. When did Antoine start getting braver?
7. In Sonic the Hedgehog #18, Julayla was a cat, but why does she look different in Sonic Super Special #5: Sonic Kids?
8. If you lock on Sonic 3 with Sonic & Knuckles, there are 7 Chaos Emeralds, 7 Super Emeralds, and the Master Emerald. How many Chaos Emeralds are there on the Floating Island in the Archie comics?
9. Has the Power Ring Generator ever appeared in the Archie comics?
10. What happened to Nack the Weasel after Sonic Triple Trouble in the Archie comics? All I know is he ended in the Devil's Gulag Island.
11. Have the Flickies ever appeared in the Archie comics?
12. Do Archie Comics plan on bringing Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts in for a special appearance in the future? I know they were in there in the beginning.
13. Do Archie Comics have plans for bringing all the Sonic comics they made and having a special sale on them when the 100th issue comes out? I want some of the unavailable back issues.

A lot of Q's hmm? Time for an answer!
1) That cartoon was for kiddies, so they bring a bunch of non-sense moves to get the kids exited.
2) Yes, Sonic #61.
3) Sally send the computer back from the future.
4) No, #25 was as close as it gets.
5) No.
6) Sonic issue #46.
7) Different artist draw her differently, that's considered normal in the comic industry:-)
8) Right now, only the Master Emerald.
9) No.
10) Well, long story. Nack escape from Knothole prison, hits Sonic on the head and takes Sonic to Robotnik (Mecha Madness). Sonic comes back and capture Nack (#40). Nack then gets taken to Devil's Gulag. Now he just escaped from the place with the other crooks (#63).
11) Yes, in Sonic Blast Special.
12) Maybe, maybe not. 13) No, to do that, they would hurt the market prices. In other words, the originals will not worth as much.

Hope that helps out!
Hello, who are the members of the Sonic Team? THank you!

The Sonic Team is BIG, so I'll just tell you the sections and the producer. Anyway, the Producer is of course, Yuji Naka. Then there's a section that makes Shining Force, a section that makes Sonic, Nights, and Burning Rangers, then there's another section that help other development team develope games, be it sonic or not.

Hello.This is Max Fitzarald Echidna,and I need a favor.Enerjak is a cool villan,problem is,I don't know what he loos like.Think you could gve me one or more pictures of him?I'd greatly appreciate it.Thanks!

Eh? Check out our comic scan page later today, WB's adding one...I think. Or you could go to Shrine To The Dark Legion where Pepper J. Zeal worship the Dark Legion...

Me again! I was wondering how much the subscription to Chaos Adventures would cost.
---Jeff VanVranken

Nothing at all, it's a fan comic.

I'm not asking a question as much as answering one. I saw a Manga pic of Knux from Japanese comic and he had a full sey of fingers. It looked messed up. Knux may have a full set under that flap in his glove. My theroy is Knux's glove is more like a BOXING glove.

Think of it this way, Knuckles only have two knuckle joints, so how could he have five fingers? I say three.

Hey your site's super! I like your sonic news, Because it tell's me when sonic comics come out.

Thanks! It is you who keep us going!

Why are Mighty and Ray created to look like Sonic (their faces look just like Sonic)?
-Noele "T2"

Well, that face is one of the coolest fur character designs out there. Besides, in real life, these animals do look alike (sort of).

Hi! When I asked if you could become Super Knuckles in Sonic 2 with Sonic & Knuckles, I meant if there is a code at the level select menu that gives you all emeralds so you don't have to collect them all the normal way( like playing the sounds 4, 1, 2, 6 at the level select menu that gives you all emeralds in Sonic 2 alone).
Kyle Wightman

For Knuckles? No.

Hello, I have a question for you. On your page you refer to Knuckles' full name as 'Knuckles Bobby Echidna,' and I was wondering, in what, or where did he get the middle name, 'Bobby?'
Thanks alot,

I answered this before, but here it goes again: this site used to be Zifei's Sonic Page. Well, during that time, Zifei found that while looking around on the Internet. So we kept it that way. It should be true...

I heard somewhere that Sonic he goes twice the speed of sound. Is that true?

Yes, with a power ring. Without, he still goes above mach 1.

Hello! I've noticed in the Sonic video games, Mighty the Armadillo acts almost exactly like Sonic, but in the Archie comic version, Mighty acts like Ray the Squirrel (simple, naive, bright and cheery!) Do you have any idea why he changed totally in the Archie comics version, to top it off, he even wears different sneakers (I've seen him wear 2 pairs of sneakers in the video games, one pair just like Sonic's and the other pair the same way, except for the white line around the soles of his sneakers and white soles.)? Sorry to ask you guys such a long question, but I really want to know! Thanks :-)

Actually, I don't think he changed. I'm sure Sega gave Archie a complete profile of their characters when they gave them the right to make the comics.

I was just wondering if you could put up a wav of the ending theme from the Saturday morning cartoon.

Ending theme? Or do you mean the starting theme? Because the ending theme is the same as the starting theme...and the midi that's playing on sonic HQ's main page is the starting theme.

This is T2's lil' sis "Foxy". I was reading this one question my sister asked you guys, you know the question about how many fingers does Knuckles have? And you said TWO?!? That CANNOT be right!!! If Knux has two fingers then how come in the Sonic Anime there was this one screen shot of him pointing at himself, and you actually see a finger? So Knux prabably has FIVE fingers like ALL Sonic characters not TWO!!
-Foxy the Fox

Having two fingers doesn't mean you can't point at yourself! Try this, tie up all your fingers (not thumb) with tape, then try to point at yourself. It works...

Why do I ask hard questions? Just wanted to see if you guys have the answers I needed. Who gave Sonic and Knuckles their middle names, Sega or Archie?
-Noele "T2"

Sega did. Archie just used them...

The way Your updating... It isn't A Trend is it? If It Is I strongly advice against it. Because with the update-every-other-day was one of the reasons this page is my favorite, because you only had to wait 1 day. But with the 4-day-no-update then 1-update-for-four-days way I woudn't visit your site on a no update day, Unlike the update-every-day way. Love your site!

Well, the news page is updated whenever there's news, the rest are updated whenever the updater wants to. But, usually we update on weekends.

I just read thru your archives of surveys ( as well as took it my self) and I wondered, why wasn't there a survey asking for the favorite/ least fav. artist? I am a fellow sonic artist who dreams no less of drawing for my favorite book in the universe, so the art is a very important thing for me to consider, I beleive that otheres belive this as well, just thought you'd like to know.
Cristian Alvernaz

Now don't get too exicted! We have a long time to go, so with 2 question every month, we will eventually get to the one you want. Besides, many people don't know the artists, we try to ask questions that appeal to everyone.

Question, What is This " Vitural Sonic CD"?

It's a Sonic music CD made by Sega Tunes. It is made up of music remixes from different Sonic games. You can find is at, just search for it.

I heard you guys were looking for an official map of the Floating Island. One does exist! Check out Knuckles' original miniseries issue #1. It's on the last page, just before the letters.
Jeff Brothers

Oh yeah, that's right! And here it is!

I have a question regarding the sound test on Sonic 2. Where in the game can you hear song 10 (between 0F and 11)?
Quintin Groce

Nowhere, it was never used in the game.

Hi, guys! I was wondering if there are any good maps of the Floating Island out there. I've done a few searches myself, but I haven't found any. Also, are there any maps of Mobotropolis? (Or Robotropolis, for that matter?)

I don't think there are any maps of them on the net. I also don't think there ever was any official maps of them.

Hi! I need to know if you can become Super Knuckles in Sonic & Knuckles with Sonic 2 attached, please?
Kyle Wightman

I haven't tried it like that so I'm not sure. But if anyone can help Kyle out, email him.

My name is Jeff and I am writing to you in regards to the Saturday A.M. version of Sonic the Hedgehog from ABC and DiC. I've been looking everywhere to find all of the episodes on tape to buy, but so far, I've had no luck. I know they're out there and that they exist but that they are very hard to find. I'd like to have them all on tape. Where can I find them? Online? How do I order them if so? Who do I call to find them on tape? Right now, I am still waiting for a response from DiC Entertainment and Merchandise regarding this subject to find all the episodes.
Thank You,

Can't exactly tell you who to call or email for the tapes. But you could post a request on the Sonic Trade Forum on Sonic HQ. Usually, people would help you out there.

Can I be part of the staff?

As of We're more than full of members. But thank you anyway.

Hey staff, I never got the Sonic special with Merlin Prower in it, and I haven't got Sonic Super Special #5 yet, either. Yeah yeah, I know I should have it by now, but my nearby store doesn't sell the Super Specials so I have to order them, and I live in Canada, so it takes a while. =) Could I see a pic of him? Or just a description. Is he two tailed like Tails? Meow, Vickitty

A picture of Merlin coming right up, click here! And no, he doesn't have two tails.

PS: Wouldn't Knuckles' full name be Sir Knuckles Bobby Echidna? Didn't Sally knight him in Battle Royal?

Well...he's a knight only in the Kingdom of Acorn (which is Mobius). So when he's on the Floating Island, he's not a knight.

Hi! This is an Italian boy! I NEED SOME HELP!
Here in Italy Sonic is not so popular as in America but I want to keep Sonic's fame high here! I need some answers:
2) How many cartoons there are in America? I saw only two (The one with Sonic & Tails and the one with Sally, Bunnie ecc.).There are also movies?
Albanesi Luca

And the answers to your questions:
1) He's real name is Sonic Maurice Takeshi Hedgehog. Actually, Sonic is not his first name, we don't really know what his first name really is.
2) There's only two cartoons, the SatAM, and the Adventures of Sonic. But another one is in the makings and will be aired some this in the next ten month.
Hope that helps!

It's yours truly again... and here's another question: why did Ken Penders say that the original Robotnik (aka Eggman) doesn't exist any more?
-Noele "T2"

Eh...why do you always ask hard questions? :-) Well, as you know Robotnik was erased from time in Sonic #50. So he doesn't exist in real life.

My name is Rawad I come from Lebanon (the country). I've collected Sonic comics for about a year but the problem I wasn't able to see a sonic cartoon (SATam or something like that) do you know somebody who can at least send me a copy?(for free that is) Talk to you soon.

The SatAM cartoons are hard to find, so you're not going to find any free ones around here anymore. But the good part is that someone just put one of the episodes on the internet in Real Media format (go to the news page, 6-30's update).

This is Agent 006% with very important questions from the head of my organization: 1. If Sally's last name is Acorn, Tails' last name is Prower, and Geoffery's last name is St. John, what are Sonic and Knuckles' last names(other than "Hedgehog and Echidna)? 2. I have recently heard about a not-so-good Sonic cartoon called "Sonic Underground." Is the cartoon REALLY going to be that bad? Also, what is the plot for the series? Will there be any other cartoons about Sonic that might come after it? 3. If Sonic marries Sally, and Knuckles marries Julie-Su, will they have to retire from saving Mobius, or will Tails take over?
Agent 006%

Here's the answers:

1) Sonic and Knuckles' last names are Hedgehog and Echidna, that's final because that's what Sega called them.
2) Noone have any proof at all that the cartoon will be bad. Infact, the cartoon might turn out to be an excellent animated piece of work. The basic plot is Sonic, his brother, and sister fight against Robotnik and his swot-bots.
3) As long as Sonic remains the mascot of Sega, you'll never see him actively marry. As for Knuckles, well...we'll have to wait and see. But know this, you'll never see Sonic and Knuckles retire.

Hey, I am currently working on "a virtual tour of Mobius" for my website, and I need a map of planet Mobius. I have a shorthand one, a map of the Floating Island, and I know where Knothole, and Robotropolis are, but I have NO IDEA what the continents look like, and the shorthand copy doesn't list places that appeared in the Saturday Morning TV show, like the great unknown. Oh, and one more thing, did they ever make videos of the Saturday Morning TV show? I loved that show. John Keogh

For a Archie Comics map of planet Mobius, click here, thanks to Mara-Re. And to your second question, yes they did. But the videos are very rare, I saw them only once at Hastings. But if you look around hard enough, probably you'll find a few.

Uh... hi! Here's a question that's always buggin' me: in the long-ago Sonic issues kids keep asking Archie why Knuckles doesn't have any fingers. I know he does have them, I just don't know how many fingers he's got!
-Noele "T2"

Two questions in one week? Anyway, Knuckles does have a thumb and the other that makes two.

Hi there!
I am looking for Sonic and the gang merchandise. I have a four year old who just adores the little blue guy and his gang. I would like to find Sonic figurines, plush toys or anything else that can be got. Please let me know where I can look. I live in Canada (Ontario).

Well, Leslie, the best place to get Sonic merchandise is Sega World of Australia. Click here to go to their merchandise section. You can buy Sonic, Sally, or Robotnik toys there. Shipping would take about around twenty days.

Hi! My name is Kyle and I just got Sonic CD for PC a few weeks ago. I want to know how to defeat Dr.Robotnik in Quartz Quadrant Zone, please!

Well, I can't exactly tell you how to beat it. It comes with experiance. So if you really have trouble beating it, press U, D, D, L, R, A at the press start screen for level select.

Question time: Ray is a squirrel and so's Sally and King Acorn. So how come Ray looks nothing like them?
-Noele "T2"

No, King Max and Sally are ground squirrels. And Ray is made by Sega's AM2 while the other two are made by DiC Productions.

Dear Sonic dudes,
This is Buzz, Sonic's brother. I was wondering if you could give me as much information about the Freedom Fighters [including Sonic] and the Choatix as possible.

Well, Buzz, check out our Mobian Profiles in the Comic Info page for what you're looking for!

I love the site! Could you put some Game Gear music? Like the music from Sonic Triple Trouble? SONIC805

Thank you very much. About the midis for Sonic Triple Trouble, we'll put them up as soon as they surface on the net (not many midi makers have Game Gear).