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This is the Sonic HQ Question and Answer page! This is the archive for June of 1998.

Hello, I was just wondering if there was going to be a Sonic The Hedgehog RPG coming out for the Sega's new system, the DreamCast (also known as the Katana). I've heard rumors about it and saying that Knux is the main character. I was also want to know that if Robuttnik returns, does this mean that the Freedom Fighters will have to retreat back to Knothole?
-----Jeff VanVranken

As of now, no. But there might be a chance that SoA will make a Sonic RPG. And Robotnik isn't returning, the original Robotnik doesn't exist anymore...that's what Ken Penders' saying.

Hey! I've got a whole lot of questions concerning the Sonic the Hedgehog comics. 1: Is Amy-rose related to Sonic in any way? 2: Why is (or should I say, was) Robotnik part robotic? I mean, I'm sure he didn't robotisize himself! 3: What happened to Tails' dad? 4: Who is Julie-su? 5: How old is Geoffrey St. John? 6: Does Sonic have a cousin? 7: How did Knux meet Archemedes? 8: Why is the King so set on Sally getting married to Antoine?! 9 (and, fortunately for you guys, last): Why does everyone think Antoine is such a bad character?! He happens to be my favorite!

OK, and the answers are (drums please):
1) No, Amy is in no way related with Sonic. She's just a big fan of Sonic. Her only known relative is Rob O' the Hedge.
2) As know from the SatAM cartoon (Blast to the Past 2), he was knocked into the roboticizer by a really really mad Sonic who traveled back in time with the help of the timestones.
3) We don't know yet, but it will be told in the comic sometime in the near future.
4) Julie-su is the newest member of the Chaotix. She's also a friend of Knuckles. She was a part of the Dark Legion, but now she's one of the good guys.
5) I think Ken Penders said he's 21.
6) No, I don't think Sir Charles' ever married.
7) Archiemedes made Knuckles search for him.
8) The Source of All guided him to make that decision. That's what all the Acorns of the past did, so he's just following tradition.
9) Antoine isn't a bad character, it's just that he not the favorite. But as you know, there's a number of Antoine fans out there...

Sorry to bother you with so many questions at one time. It's just that I don't have enough time to mail you a bagillion letters with just one or two questions. I really have to go before my sister kills me for being on the computer too long! Oops! Heh, heh (gulp) hi sis'. Bye!
Becky Ferguson

Not a problem, that's what we're here for;-)

In the Sonic Anime Sera has what looks like a monkey or cat tail. It looks more like a monkey tail. But on her head is something that looks like cat EARS. And a cat goes more with the character. What kind of tail do you think it is?

The tail might just be a reference to the Monkey King story (such as Dragon Ball/DBZ). But I think it's a cat tail...

Uhh... okay... but I was hoping I could find a pic of Ray on the net. A FULL pic instead of waiting for the Knuckles Comic... besides, I announced Ray's appearance in Knux's comic in the first place...

Oh yeah...

Anyways, another thing is when I click on Bark and/or Bean it doesn't work... QUESTION TIME!: NiGHTS was unsucessful... THINGY! so, it leads me to wonder, will NiGHTS get going up to #6 or is it going to stay a regular series (I doubt that'll happen!)?
-- Asudem The Hedgehog

Well, the pictures work now, I fixed the link. And about NiGHTS, the sales are not doing that well. So the chances are there for the Archie crew to pull the plug after #6. But you never know...Sega might just dump in a couple of million bucks and make it last.

Oh-kay! Time for another question: since Archie put the Chaotix in their comics, why didn't they put the other Sonic related characters in them too like Bean the Dynamite Duck ( Sonic the Fighters), Bark the Polar Bear ( Sonic the Fighters), and Ray the Squirrel ( Sonic Arcade- gee he looks nothing like King Acorn or Sally cuz they're squirrels too)?!
- Noele "T2"

Well, Patrick Spaziante did draw them into the comic in Sonic issue #50 and #51. And Ray will make an appearence in the Knuckles comic later this year.

Uhh... HELLO! This is a one of those direction questions... where can I get a pic of Bean The Dynamite, Bark The Polar Bear, Tiara Boobowski, Gazebo Boobowski, and Ray The Squirrel? I need actual pics with their full bodies... if you don't know where I can find one, then that's okay... Thanks for your help!
Asudem The Hedgehog

This is a hard one...I don't think there's Tiara and Gazebo pictures around today. But here are the pictures of Bark and Bean. And as for Ray, we will get to see him later this year when he makes an appearence in the Knuckles comic.

Dear Sonic HQ,
I have a confession to make. I'm a new reader *blush*. I only started with issue 50 so on some things I get a little confused. For example, the Ancient Walkers. I've read the Tails mini-series and Sonic issues 50 to present and there's not that much about them. Are they some sort of god?
Yours truly
Agent Vic

Yes and no. They are the masters of the chaos emeralds. They are actually living beens a long time ago (millions of years). Now they're like the powerful spirits that balance good and evil on planet Mobius.

A couple of years ago when I bought my gamegear I also got this free sonic game. It's Sonic 2 and on the game it has a picture of sonic hanggliding and underneath the orange fox guys is running. Whenever I get to the "aqua lake" zone 2 I get lost and die. I want to get past this level so could someone please help me!
Thanks, andrea.

To win at this zone, you must master the art of hang gliding. It isn't easy to control and you must try it many times before you can do it just right. As soon as you touch the glider press Back for 1 second. Then let go and let Sonic glide for 1 second. Then press Back and keep repeating the pattern. The only times you need to press Forward is when you come to an area in Act 1 that look slike it is a wall, but it is actually a path between the spikes. You must press Forward and angle down so that you don't hit the spikes on the ceiling. In Act 2, you can stand on certain clouds and some clouds have hidden springs. But most clouds are just mist that you fall through, so be careful. Sometimes, wind gusts will flare up. If you're on the glider, make sure you're angling up so that the wind will carry you upwards. Hope that helps.

How does the Source of All tell who to marry? It can talk?

If you seen Star Wars, you would know. The Source of All could be thought as the Force. It guides you to make decisions. And it does talk, instead, you feel it in your mind.

Time for a question (howcum I get the feeling you'll respond with, "Time for an answer!")! Lemme see through my 100 pages of questions... AHA! If Ken Penders writes for Knuckles and Karl Bollers writes for Sonic, what will become of Michael Gallagher and Kent Taylor? That's all!... for NOW!
--Asudem The Hedgehog

Time for an answer:-) As you know, the comic industry is huge. Writers and artist usually work on several different projects at once. So when they're not working on Sonic, they go work on other comics.

It's me again-"T2"! I got another question:how come Sega pays more attention to Tails than to Knuckles? I mean, really, almost every Sonic game I have and every Sonic game ever created (from genesis to saturn)has to have that fuzzy freak in it! AND they got Sonic and Tails dolls but NOT Knuckles! I think that's not fair! I think Sega should treat ALL Sonic characters the same way they treat the Blue Blur! And if I didn't know better I think Sega would make Tails a major mascot next to Sonic!

Well, Knuckles did have a few major games (Sonic and Knuckles, Knuckles' Chaotix), and he have his own comic. So in a way, he's treated fairly enough. Sega treat Sonic better than other is because he's the favorite among the people who play the games.

Dear Sonic HQ,
I've started exploring your site since 5/31/98 and I think it's great! Uh, oh yeah, I'm Noele "T2" Carballo and I got a question: you said it was up to Sega to decide if Sonic and Sally should get married (or not), well, shouldn't Sega decide if Knuckles and Julie-Su should get married (or not-again)? I mean, Julie-Su is not a Sega character after all, right?

Sega does have control over Knuckles' love life too. But since Knuckles isn't their major mascot, they don't care much about him. So it's easier for Archie to arrange for Knuckles to marry than it is for Sonic. And yes, Julie-su is not a Sega character.

Dear Sonic HQ,
what's up with Barby and Tails? I mean, Walt obviously likes Barby, and isn't Tails a little young for her? I mean he's ten years old! And Barbys, what? 14? 15? I mean get real!
steve manydeeds

We do agree with you in this part, but maybe Barby just loves children or somethin'...


Let's see here ** flips through 100 pages of questions ** To save time, I'll ask one of 'em. Does the original Tails have a triangle nose or a circle nose? ** gonerz **
-- Tony "Asudem The Hedgehog" Nguyen

Well, so that's how you get your questions! Tail's nose is circular at first.