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This is the Sonic HQ Question and Answer page! In here you can ask us anything you want about Sonic and our page. We'll also post some of the fan's opinion letters on this page. To ask a question or write a letter to the staff of Sonic HQ, click here. Please give us a name. Your question will be answered within a week on this page.

Dear Sonic HQ,
I've got some questions.
1) When is Archie gonna show us about Tails' origin? I think that Merlin Prower gave him to Sonic and told him not to tell anyone, like in one of the fan-fics.
2) When is Tails gonna step out of Sonic's shadow? I mean, let him DO something!
Meow, Vickitty

And the answers:
1) Archie might never show it. Or maybe they'll add a few lines about it when Tails' father Adameus make his first appearence sometime before Sonic issue #100.
2) Well, until the name of the Sonic comic changes, Tails will never get out of Sonic's shadow. He might get another mini-series though.

Lalala... Wha--? Oh yeah, Q&A, well, here's a toughy...Why do they, well, kinda seperate the Comics from the Games? For instance: Sonic #25 and Sonic CD. Compare: Amy Rose kidnapped, Mecha Sonic Race, Name of zones. Contrast: Little Planet, Time Stones, last level like Stardust Speedway and Metallic Madness. Well, C YA!
Tony \"Asudem The Hedgehog\" Nguyen

Why not? Well, the Archie folks had to include the SatAM characters into the mix. So they had to develope a story that fits everyone. That's what happened in Sonic #25. But the main parts are still in there (saving Amy Rose, the race, figure-eight...).

I've been hearing everybodies opinion about Sonic and Sally getting married. My question is, do you think Bunnie and Antoine will ever get married?
Max Jordan

Yes, it is stated that in Sonic issue #100, a couple will get married. Now, there's three possiablities: 1)Sonic and Sally 2)Antoine and Bunnie 3)St. John and Hershey. Place your bets. And Max, you must know this. Antoine and Bunnie are not Sega characters, so they don't care if they get married or not. In this case, it's up to the Archie writers and editors. If they get enough fan mail demanding for the marriage, it'll happen.

Sonic, if Tails took a power ring what will happend to Tails?
Your brother, Anthony

Please inform us as the SonicHQ Staff! Anyway, Anthony, depending on which universe your asking. In the Sega game and Archie Comic universe, Tails can use the power rings just like Sonic. But in the SatAM cartoon universe, only Sonic can use the power ring.

Well, I am sure Knuckles and Julie-Su will eventually fall for each other. I knew it right when I first saw her. Though it doesn't really look like it now, they just want to keep you hanging. I've thought much about it, and really it's inevitable. Maybe it's that all you people can't wait to see them, um, in love. But if you ask me, I think I can wait. Now is just too soon to me. It should take more time. There's too much hubbub going on in their lives right now They really haven't had chances to get to know each other. But remember in Knuckles #7, Julie-Su intimates that Knuckles is her only friend? "Except for you, no one has much to say to me these days." And look at her face! I just have the feeling that when the time comes, everyone will see it will be a match made in heaven. If you want to know my explanation why, I might give it to you later.

You do get to see Knuckles and Julie-su married in Sonic Super Special 9: "Knuckles: Twenty Years Later". And I'm sure many people would like to see them tie the not. Infact, Sonic HQ will do a poll about this.

Isn't my sister, Lien-Na, taking up space? She's so CUTE! (j/k) Anyways, I have a few questions if you can answer them, thank you! 1) If you compare Robotnik in the game and if you contrast Robotnik in the Archie's Sonic Comic Book Aventure Series, you'll notice that in the game, he's, what I like to call, Mr. Skinny Legs, and he also where's more black and is more circular. You'll also notice if you contrast it with Archie Comic's style, he looks more like an upside down water balloon with WAY much more blubber. Do you have a clue on what's up with that? 2) Have a clue on why they changed in "Sonic Firsts" Boomer's name (as called back then) was changed to Rotor? 3) I don't have a 3... Anywayz, Keep cool, and you'll RULE!
Tony "Asudem The Hedgehog" Nguyen

Well, she's not taking up space, we answer all questions related to Sonic here. And to the questions:
1) In the games, the Robotnik is actually Eggman. Robotnik actually came from the cartoons. 2) They changed it so the newer fans know what's going on.

Hi, Joya Nappo here! And I got a question for the Sonic Q&A. Do you think Knuckles and Julie-Su will ever get together? From the looks of things now, it really doesn't look that way. Heck, that Remington guy looks like he has a thing for her. So, wht you do guys think? Will Knuckles and Julie-Su eventually be a couple, also, I'm hoping that Sonic and Sally will get back together,too!

Well, Joya, you'll have to take Ken Penders words on this one. He said that Julie-su will have a thing or two in store for for Knuckles in Knuckle #16. The issue will be called "Reunions". And yes, I think they'll eventually be a couple. As for Sonic and Sally, the decision is up to Sega of America. BTW, happy birthday!

Hi Zifei,
It's me, Maric. I'm glad that you got this Q&A page, maybe now some of my questions might actually be answered, like, do you think that Bunnie might be related to the Enchantress from Kncuckle's Quest and Downtown Ebony Hare? Or, If Sally might declare war against her own father for the Ultamaitum? (hope I've spelled it right)And last but never least, is Antoine ever going to face his father after he finds out that he is now one of Robotnik's sub-bosses? I hope that these questions get answered soon. See ya,
(Must know) Maric

Hey Maric, as you know, Zifei's Sonic Page is no more, so he's not the boss around here anymore. Please call us Da Staff from now on...OK, on with the questions.
1. Mobius is a big place, as of now we don't know any of Bunnie's relatives. But the chance of the names you mentioned being her relatives are pretty small.
2. Sally will never declare war on the King. She might argue with him, but will never declare war. As you know, she's the people's princess, she'll think of the people aheah of herself. She'll do what's good for the people. And a war is not good.
3. Archie won't miss this chance for some emotional scenes, something the comic generally lacks.

Dear Sonic HQ,
Well, see what I mean when I said that you didn't even HAVE to check if Knuckles would end at 25? It IS really going strong. As to why there's so much good stuff in it, well, look at its development. Dan Drazen has explained to me why the Sonic comic and the Knuckles comic are so different. Here is my summary of what he stated: Ken Penders has pretty much staked out the Knuckles book as his own turf because Sega isn't monitoring Knuckles as closely as they are to Sonic. Therefore, the Knuckles stories have been able to go to places that the Sonic stories couldn't. Also, Knuckles is going in its own direction because it has had no TV shows to act as a preliminary guide, like how it is with Sonic. Ken has a freer hand in writing Knuckles stories, he has a free reign with the book, and he intends to use it. Very reprieved to hear that the Sonic stories will eventually develop and encompass more compelling stylistic elements.

We got readers that's been asking the question, so we asked Penders to make sure. When the Sonic comic was in the early stages (first ten issues), no one even gave it a remote chance of making it to #50.

PS. Sonic's mother's name is Bernadette, Bernie for short.

That make sense...

Sonic HQ,
Hi. My name is Michelle Allman and I wondered if I could ask you a favor. You have bookshire Draftwoods Furs of the Forest homepage, Would you mind giving me the address so I could get there myself. I would really Appriciate it.
Thanks again from a true Sonic fan,
Michelle Allman

Bookshire Draftwood's Page? Just go to the menu bar above, click on Links Page and a new browser window will pop out. From there, goto the 5 star page and you'll find it in there as Furs of the Forest.

Okay, what's with the main page? One of the options would've been "Sonic Games Info" but yet it's not there at all! It'd also be cool if it included codes. Now, what's with that?!
Sincerely, Tony "Asudem The Hedgehog" Nguyen

That page is still in the makings. WB, the keeper of that subpage is working as fast as he could to get that page up. I asure you that it will be up in June if not sooner. And you'll not only find codes in there for every single Sonic game that's ever came out. You'll also find general info, screen grabs, and a bunch of other stuff in there.

Dear Sonic HQ,
The question I have does not really have anything to do with your website, but with something I read in it. Who ever said that Knuckles would end at issue #25??? I just couldn't believe that this ever had to be said. I am an intensely ardent Knuckles fanatic. He has intrigued me always. In his stories, I gain insight that I feel is very valuable to me and that's why I devote love to him so much. I cannot find this feeling in anything or anyone else, only Knuckles. There's this force that compels me to read him and that is what keeps me going. I REALLY enjoy his book, and it's not just "enjoying". It's enlightening, and ineffable. I can't really explain or convey it to anyone else's mind. But anyways, if it should ever happen that anyone intimates a word to me that Knuckles for some reason will end while I'm alive, I'll be sincerely inveighing my heart out. In other words, "Knuckles Comic Book End" will be over my dead, decapitated, gashed-up, dismembered, mutilated, mangled, gnarled, slaughtered, ripped-apart, torn-to-pieces, torsioned, wrenched, severely-contorted, blood-stained, burned body. Sincerely Yours,
Lien-Na, Miss Die-For-Knuckles

No one said that Knuckles will end at issue #25. Our news crew just wanted to make sure of this and asked Ken Penders in a email. And it turned out that Knuckles is going strong (95,000 copies sold per month) and will have a chance to go at #100 and beyond.

I think Sally and Sonic should be a couple.
Singed Derek

A lot of people would agree with you on this point, Derek. But you must also know that to make this happen, the writers of the comic face a lot of problems. Like, once Sonic settle down what will carry the comic along? But, if Sega allows it, it will eventually happen.

Hi there!
Nice to meet you, and Sonic HQ is a super site! Before I had internet, I'd look in my comic book provider's catalog to see previews of issues up to 4 months ahead. Now I'm glad to know that I can check out previews as well as other cool stuff right in my own home. Anyways, I just wanted to know where did you get the idea that Knuckles' middle name is Bobby? I never thought of anything like that. BTW I am an ARDENT fan of his. Well, bye!

Glad you like our site! Where did we get the name? Well, Zifei found it in a few sites on the internet saying it is the "official" middle name of Knuckles. It might not be true.

PS: I've met Ken Penders and his family last year. Did you know that Sonic's mother, Bernadette, is named after Ken's wife? Well, that's all. Oops, one more you by any chance know if Manny Galan's married? Whoops, did my fingers type that? j/k

I thought Sonic's mother's name is Bernie...must been a script change. And no, I don't think Manny Galan's married.

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