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This is the Sonic HQ Question and Answer page! In here you can ask us anything you want about Sonic and our page. We'll also post some of the fan's opinion letters on this page. To ask a question or write a letter to the staff of Sonic HQ, click here. Please give us a name. Your question will be answered within a week on this page by either WB or Zifei. This page is updated every weekend. This is the page for the first half of september.

Hi, my name is Michael and a big sonic the hedgehog fan, anywhy here's my Q: I have the very first Sonic The Hedgehog comic how much do you think it's worth?

Which one? #1 or #0? #0 is worth about around $50, and #1 probably worth more than that. And if you have signatures on there, it would worth more than $100.

Are Bunnie and Antione an item or what? Will Bunnie ever get her own series? What happened to her parents? Are they still around? Does she have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, no, don't know, don't know, don't know. We'll find out!

Hi! I just noticed in your Q&A page that one answer is wrong......Actually, in Sonic #64, Naugus had frozen Tails to an ice block, it was Eddie who was melting him with his fire. You can tell if you look real close that the ice is melting. Because why would Eddie freeze Tails? He saved both Sonic and Tails in the end. So that was my little fix. By the way, AWESOME page!!! It's the best I've seen! Keep it up!

Actually, you DON'T know if it's melting or coming together. Look down below for my arguements.

It's me again Alexis. I have few questions. 1. How come when I clicked on Christmas Nights on your games page it said Sonic the Hedgehog into dreams. I thought it was Nights into dreams? 2. How come in Sonic cd Mecha Sonic was a robot & in the comics he was Sonic? 3.Is their any place on the web I can get a game demo of Sonic R for the computer? I'm sorry if I ask to many questions. I learn more about a Sonic every while & then. Well Good Bye!

1) We're actually for Sonic's showing in that game. So we don't care about NiGHTS.
2) You need to read #25 to understand that the original was destroyed.
3) No, why not? Because the game isn't out yet.

You said that the cover was up for Sonic# 68 , this isn't rue, it's the cover for Sonic # 66 , why did you say it was up when it's not???????? and you're link to Smash Magazine doesn't work either and I think you should have used the image of the Sonic/Robotnik "boom" pic from SSS6 ( y'know the one spaz drew right before the blank page!) on the menue for the comics section, i think that would be great, PS is there a way to get larger images of the combo covers that are all in one image, just wondering? thats enough outta me.

Well, covers previews show up after the story previews, so a lot of time, the preview will be up but not the cover. Smash Mag's site's probably gone down. The Robo vs. Sonic picture should already be up in the comic scans. And a best way to mix covers is to cut and paste them together.

Recently, Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog got canceled down here from the channel it was on. I haven't spotted it anywhere, is it really gonna be on Toon Disney?


I heard so much about this upcoming new series from the good people of DiC animation. The only question is when does it premiere and what channel? Opps! that's two questions. Oh well, people make mistakes.
-Rich, ( a huge Princess Sally fan!!!!!!!!!!!!)

We don't know yet, it's way too early to tell. But stick to our news page and you'll find out as soon as the news breaks. Strong evidents points to FOX as the carrier.

Hey ya'll
I have a question. From what I've heard around it's been said that Knuckles will be in haven for the course of numbers 20 and 21. So my question is when will he meet up w/ his dad or will Locke be conveniently out of haven at the time? The other thing is that I heard that the title for #29 is Knuckles: King of the hill, so does anyone have a blinking clue what is going to happen in that story. And if not a clue than at least a guess? Thanx guys! You're the best!

Probably no, I don't think Ken's going to give any future plot developments away that easily. And as for #29, it's about Knuckles :-). And will have a backup story about Espio.

On TV, that is. If you can find him, tell me the station,day of week, and the time. Thank you.

Toon Disney, cable. At 2:00pm...I think. This is the Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Hi, Long time page hitter, first time E-Mailer.
I Have a few questions:
1-We long time readers now know that Sonic's middle is Maurice (and Antoine knows it too... Looks liwe he can finally get back on Sonic >:)) but he (Sonic) interrupted his father before he revealed his First name. Think we'll ever find out? 2-I always thought a Flash/Sonic crossover would be a natural concept: Flash gets his speed from the speed-source, a mysterious Golden energy field that controls all Speed, while Sonic gets a boost of speed from Golden rings of energy of mysterious origins. Coincidence? 3-The King said the Source advised the arranged marriage between Sally and Antoine, but he also said it was omniscient. Why didn't it tell him about the possible future where Nicole came from? Then again, although the Source (gotta be a DC/New Gods tie-in there somewhere) is all-Kowing and all-wise, the King is only mortal, with probably prejudiced views. I think the Source predicted that Sally would wed a great warrior (Sonic), but the King, obviously very strict about social classes, refuses to see his only daugther wed to titleless rufian, so he interpretes the prophecy to mean Antoine (obviously born to a noble house, and trained as a Warrior). This may be a mistake for the King, however. Legend tells us of the ill fate the universe reserves to kings who mock prophecy. 4-Robotnik. My favorite villalin of all times. It should'nt be forgotten that he ruled over Mobius for ten years before being defeated by the narrowest of margins. Sonic never really beat him, he just outlasted him. When is he coming back? Ken penders says never, but with Sonic adventures coming out, how is Archie Comics going to have it's traditonnal Comic-book adaptation of the game with him? I cringe at the thought of Snively replacing the evil Dock. 5-I think Archie should have a Tails regular series out (hey, it worked for Robin!), as well as something like ``legends of Mobius`` or something, featuring rewrites of past stories like Rabbot Deployement (like Marvel is doing with ``Spider-man, Twice told tales``) Comic adaptation of Cartoon episodes and new original stories (maybe even fan-fictions). Who do I talk to about getting these suggestions to Archie comics? Caf´┐Ż Internet Plus

Well, here we go!
1) Yes we will, eventually.
2) Flash fan, eh? Well, it wouldn't be such a bad idea, but too REALLY fast heros in comic is a bit too much...
3) OK, the source is not a talking being. When guiding the king, it doesn't speak to him or anything. The king made the decisions. The source just acted as the Force from Star Wars.
4) Well, we know Robo-Robotnik is coming to town...
5) I don't think a Tails comic will survive. Tails is no where near Sonic and Knuckles' fame. And all your ideas should be submitted to Ken Penders.

I know this is not a question, but I really don't care now if Sonic hits the TV again or not...Archie Comics have Sonic in more detail and are more interesting.
Justin Reese

OK, but many other people will say that TV can develope a character better. TV have something Archie will never have, and that's character interaction (sound).

Vickitty here! I argue my point about Tails getting frozen: Why would Eddie freeze him and then defrost him? Oh, well, you don't need ta answer that, I just felt like arguing. ^.^ Oh, and another thing, who told you about Tails' dad's name? And another, why in the list of guardians is the sixth guardian listed as Aaron/Jorhen? Thanks!

Eddie froze Tails, a few of my reasons are: the shadow casted on Tails, and Sonic said "get away from him!". And we don't know how Tails got defrosted. Tails' dad's name was given by Ken Penders. And the guardian might have changed names...we'll see.

Hi. I was wondering if you know of any sonic sites that have sega genesis games for the PC that are freeware. I've already have sonic and knuckles, sonic 3, sonic 2, and sonic 1 on the PC but they got erased. Thanks If you know.

Go to our download page for the demos. Or you can buy a $15 dollar pack of Sonic & Knuckles Collection (that's how much it costs here).

Well why didn't Dic put Knuckles in the SatAM cartoon, is it because they didn't think he'd be popular or somethin' or what (He's my fave char y'know!)?
-Noele "T2"

He was suppose to make an appearence in the 3rd season. And think about this, at the start of the cartoon, Knuckles wasn't nearly as popular as he is now...

Hy its me Gabe again and I wondering if you of any sonic websites that had any Julie-Su fanfick they are hard to find thanks for listening.

Hmmm, our site's got a lot of Julie-su fan fictions. Actually, now thinking about it, our site probably got the best of the Julie-su stories.

First of all I'd like to say this is the best Sonic Q + A page. I've sent questions to other sites a month ago, (No names mentioned) and I still haven't gotten a reply. So, anyway keep up the good work. And my question: Is what that one dude for the cartoon page have about the 3rd Season of Sonic the Hedgehog true? Y'know about Naugus and stuff? Or was it just a guess.

Thanks! And there's other Q&A pages?! I didn't know that...and about the 3rd season, yes, it's all true. Knuckles was supposed to make a one shot appearence, too.

Okay, this has been bugin' me for a longggg time....Who put the Virus in the medle on #51? I did see a bug flying by Sally in the comic....does this have anything to do with it? :) Thanks for helpin'!
~Lidia Long (It's not my real name! :))

Probably not. It might just be a add-on by Sam Maxwell.

I just read a story from the 3rd season of Sonic the Hedgehog (Ya know the one that was cancelled because of some stupid ninies in some colored costumes that got new zords every five episodes) any way the story was good ,but I couldn't help but notice that there were a few swear words here and there. so heres my question would they had put that in that in the 3rd season I mean come on theres gonna be kids in the audience.

Where did you read the story?! As far as I know, only a few plots where released to public and none of the stories were ever released.

Hiyas, it's me again, Vickitty. Is there ANY info on the "boy" King Acorn mentioned in Sonic #64? (Oooh! This could be interesting! ^.^) And... umm... oh yeah, any idea just HOW Tails got frozen in that issue? Did Ixis zap him or what? Thanks!!

We'll bring more information on the "boy" on the news page when more info becomes available. And the Naugus didn't do that to Tails, Eddie did.

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