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I think that the lastest issue of Knuckles ( #18) was cool!! I gave it 5 rings for great artwork, great plotline, and that kiss at the end of the book from Julie. I think that Knuckles #19 will be good too, but as a 2 parter, I was NOT dissapointed!!
Emily Zeal

Oh, you will love Knuckles #19. Prince Acorn makes his first appearence...and who said you should be dissapointed?

Dear Sonic-know-it-all-answer-dude,
you say that Sonic surpassed TMNT as Archie's best selling comic. but does that mean that sonic sells better than the actual archie comic and all of it's spinoffs?
Adam Hogan

Don't you mean "dudes"? Two people are answering questions. As for the comic. Yes, it's the best selling comic for Archie. That means it sold more than any other Archie comics, not all of them put together.

Could you tell me the address of the Sonic newsgroup?

Check our Links page before asking this question. It's in the section with the emails.

in my sonic CD instrction booklet, it calls Amy Rose Princess Sally. what's up with that?!
Adam Hogan?

She was called Princess Sally in Japan, Amy Rose else where in the world. Why did they do that? Ask Sega...

I have a series of questions to ask:
1. Is it still possible to buy the Satam Sonic on video?
2. Is Ben Hurst plan on continuing the Seires next year?
3. Is there going to be a movie coming soon?

1) Yes, check your local video store to see if they have it. Wal-mart's got some, too.
2) No, but he's trying to revive it.
3) No.

Yer wrong... Tails' original age is 8 years old. The Sonic Jam CD says so (I have it so I know). Tails has been 8 in STH 2, 3 and Sonic and Knuckles. But maybe Tails is 10, 11, or 12 yrs old in Sonic Adventure since ya said they will be older in the game. Anyway my question: I know which ish Sonic's b-day wiil be celebrated in, but in which issue will Archie celebrate Knuckles' b-day in?

For Tails age, it depends on which spin-off universe you're looking at, so everyone's right. As for Knuckles' birthday, check Knuckles #25.

A \"Spider\" Jay


Dear Sonic HQ, I love your site! I am a recent Sonic fan, and I don't know much about the comic. I love your site. It contains tons of information. I have a few questions about the comic...and the Sonic universe in general. First, I would like to know of there are any plans of ENDING the comic. I would love to subscribe, but things have been tight around here,recently. I probably won't get around to actually subscribing 'till November, orDecember. Since you know so much about Sonic, could you, perhaps give me a short,or long (your choice) synopsis of what has happened, since the beginning? I also am very attentive to detail, and it kills me to not know certain things that aren't even seriously important to the story. Obviously, this is much more than a comic, but a truly magnificent epic story. Certain things bug me. First of all, how far is Sonic's planet from earth? Is this set in the future...or present? Have the Mobians ever had contact, or seen Humans? I've heard of certain human characters in the story, but I'm not too sure about the whole thing... If there are humans involved...are they friends, or enemies? Any information is appreciated! Unfortunately, like I said, I probably won't be able to subscribe to the comic, for quite a while. I wish I could do it sooner, but 'till then, I'm at a huge loss. Thank you, so much!

The comic has no plans on ending anytime soon. For one thing its WAY too popular - and I mean popular on a global scale. There are people in Singapore who read it. That and its a big money grabber and attention getter for the Sega execs. As for the synopsis - Good lord man!!!! That would take far too long to list here. Instead go to the comics archive page via the Comics page. All the info you'll need on current and past activities in the Comics for Sonic and Tails are there. Mobius' actaul position in the universe is unknown. With its three moons - the two unnamed ones and Muckery, the one made entirely out of an oozing ball of mud, where Robotnik's old Robostorm base is currently sinking - some say its lightyears from our universe. Somesay it exists only in fiction, some say it could possibly be the future Earth itself - most likely after a nuclear holocaust which disfigured humans and evolved the animals, and some even go as far as to say it exists on an alternate timeline from our own. The actual truth has been unexplored by Archie and Sega - but some facts may be released come Sonic 70 and on in "Tales Of The Great War". Its unkown just how much the focus will be on Mobius instead of the war though. But wherever it is it definetely takes place in a future type setting. As for human contact - they will see something of the sort in SSS7 - The Image Comics Super Special - that AND the Overlanders - of which Dr. Robotnik hails from - are considered a Subhuman or metahuman or even human evolved hybrids or humans themselves. Thier origins still remain a mystery....The Overlanders ARE considered an enemy but there have been some, very few, that have been friendly. We'll know more come future issues of Sonic - starting at issue 70 and future issues of Knuckles.....

Dear Sonic HQ, Hi my name is William! If i am playing Sonic 3 and Knuckles, how do you get yellow sonic, and how do you skip levels? I really like Sonic, although Tails is my favourte. William

I'll post all info and codes on the games page as soon as I can get around to it. In the meanwhile the code you need is this Level-Select: When the Sega logo comes up, just after the "Sega" theme is sung and the screen begins to turn black, quickly press: Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Up to the beat of the drums. You should hear a ring chime if you did it correctly. A new Sound Test option should appear at the title screen. Auto Super Sonic: Input the level-select code. At the new Sound Test, play the following tracks: 1, 3, 4, 2, 4, 5, 6. You should hear a Ring chime. Select your Zone. Grab atleast 50 Rings, jump into the air, and press A, B, or C. there are more codes but I'll get to it as soon as possible!

Dear Sonic HQ, there has been some confusion how to get the chaos emealds in Sonic 2 for Game Gear. Well, those gems at the end of every act 2 - those are the chaos emeralds.If you pick up at least five of them, at the end of Scrambled Egg you will get the sixth one and you will be transported to Crystal Egg. Special zones? There are NO special zones in Sonic 2 for Game Gear. There was no room for them in the game. However, if you pick up all of them and beat Robotnik, you will get a different ending. It' s easier then you think. I' ve finished the whole game in 20 minutes and lost no lives. Here' s a description of position of the emeralds.

Under Ground zone: Get trough an entire act on the higher ledges. At the end of the zone,you will see a ramp. Drop down the ramp and you will land next to a railcart. Walk in it and while it' s running down the hill jump from it to the right. Go up the stairs and you will see the emerald.
Sky High zone: Get the glider at the start and fly with it just below the top of the screen. Glide all the way to the right and you will see the emerald.
Aqua Lake zone:Hold right when going through the second tube area.
Green Hills zone: Jump on the springs at the begining of the spike field. You should land on another set of springs. Hold right until you see the emerald.
Gimmick Mountain zone: When crossing the first conveyor belt area, jump on the bottom step (onthe higher one Grounder will attack you), then jump to the left in the wall. Continue left.
Jan Abaza

Thanks for your help Jan! Some stuff you mentioned even I did not know - I'll be sure to post this info on the games page with your name as a credit!

Dear Sonic HQ, This isn't really a question..but it IS important. This is an argument against "Cafe Internet Plus'" saying that the King is prejudiced about social classes. Sonic IS a noble. After all, his uncle is SIR Charles, and was also a good friend and confident to the King. Sir Charles (AKA 'Uncle Chuck') was also the one who helped to design Knothole. So there.
Cassie Tirragen there.......Gone 'head girlfriend! handle yo' biz!

Dear Sonic HQ, Hi! Let me just say your web sight is Fantastic! I love it! It has everything! I just have one question/comment though.... Do you think you could put the names of the songs on each of the pages? Because I really like a few and I don't know their names to look them up in the Midis page!Thanx a ton! Keep up the awesome work!!!!!!

As for the comics, cartoons, and games page I'll work on a disclaimer that will show it. As for the other members I'll mention it to them.

Dear Sonic HQ, I have some questions to ask.
1. I live in and I can't find Sonic Jam anywhere! Its not at Toys "R" us, blockbuster, movies, Kaybee, Its not even in any of the malls! Why?
2.Will the original Mecha Sonic and Silver Sonic ever apper in the comics again?
3.Can you put some movies of Sonic Jam on the site?
4. What station is Toon Disney on so I can watch Adventures of Sonic the hedgehog?
5. Will Sonic ever meet Nights in Sonic super special? Bye.

Questions, questions, questions..... :o)
1. Toys R' Us and other toy stores have either retailed it to little than nothing and sold out or thier just out of stock on it period. And most likely they have no plans on restocking. This was said in a news post months ago. So keep looking.
2. Mecha Sonic, I doubt - because Mecha Sonic is the REAL Sonic roboticised as shown in Sonic #39 and Mecha Madness. If enough fans ask for it however there is a possibility that we may see Metal Sonic - the actual clone created by Robotnik seen in Knuckles Chaotix, Sonic CD and Sonic And Knuckles. As for Silver Sonic ( Sonic 2 ) yet again its a matter of if enough fans ask for him.
3. I'll see what I can scrounge up... :o)
4. Toon Disney is on cable. So you'll have to contact your local cable operator to get them to carry it if you don't recieve it.
5. I HIGHLY doubt that. The only possiblity we'll ever see Nights again may be IN a Super Special. But the way the last Nights comic went I don't see that as a big possibility. It would take an act of Sega and a BIG risk on Archie to see Nights in comics again - maybe if his popularity among fans and quality of stories were higher....

Dear Sonic HQ, Hey there. I have noticed a MAJOR overexageration in your Q & A Page. You claim that Sonic #0 is worth $50.00 and that #1 is worth even more. You also claim that a signature would make it above $100.00. Now, you clearly haven't put much thought or study into this. First off, why would #1 be worth more than #0? #0 came out first, thus it's the true first Archie Sonic comic, thus it's worth more. Plus, take a look at Archie's last series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which spawned a far greater fan following than Sonic, I'm sad to say. The first issue ofthe original TMNT Mini-Series from 1988 is worth $5.00 today. Why would you think Sonic #0 is even near fifty? Not only is Sonic #0 grotesquely common, but it's worth no more than $2.50 max.
-Hollywood_Oozer, the guy who may be picky, but screw-ups like this piss him off. No offense. :)

None taken :o) - And you're right: I happen to know someone with an Overstreet Price Guide and i looked it up. In the price guide its worth what you say but depending on where you go and the demand that is out for it among Sonic fans the price could be upped, but I doubt to a full 50. That, plus the fact that Sonic isnt one of the biggest mainstream comic books - So funny animal books with the exception of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Uncle Scrooge, tend to get the short look at. With a signature on the cover that would up it even more however. I guess it really all just depends on supply and demand, how much the vendor and reader would want it for and signature value. And as for TMNT I lived for it before Sonic was ever even known to the world and when you say it had a big fan following you ain't just whistlin Dixie. I miss the big greens - but on an interesting note the Archie Sonic comics are surpassing the TMNT comics in number ( I think TMNT ended at 67 ) and value - Sonic has already surpassed TMNT as Archie's best selling comic. And this has been said by Paul Castiglia himself. As for the fan base - TMNT wins because it has had fans YEARS longer than Sonic. So GO BIG GREEN and GO BIG BLUE! Cowabunga!

Dear Sonic HQ, I cannot download the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog sound file from the cartoons page. I have Winzip, but it says that the zip file is not a valid archive.

I'm in charge of that page and for the life of me NOW it wont work for me either - that and I've gotten lots of emails telling me it wont work still even after i tried to fix it. So for now the sound will be down until I can locate the actual source of the problem - Look for me to tell you when it will be back up on the news page.

Dear Sonic HQ, I know that in the video games Sonic is 16, Tails is 8, and Knuckles is 15. What I want to know is how old is Amy Rose in the video games? Also, where can I get back issues of Sonic #63 and Knuckles #17? I missed both those issues.

Now THAT is a good question. Amy Rose, I mean...First I dont think Tails is 8. In Sonic 2 he was 8 but I think around Sonic 3 he was 10 - correct me if I'm wrong. Fleetway Comics tend to follow the games more but they have her almost as old as Sonic which we all know isnt true. In Archie Comics she's somewhere around or after 10 I believe - nearly as old or just as old as Tails. And I think its this age that is correct. Compare her look in Sonic CD to her look now in Sonic Adventure - In Sonic CD she looks 10 but Yuji Naka has already stated that the characters are older in Sonic Adventure. Heck - even Archie is getting ready to up Sonic to 16 for Adventure. So I'm ASSUMING that come Sonic Adventure she'll be 11 or 12 - MAYBE 13. In Sonic CD she's 10. So I'm assuming that in Archie right now - which is currently between CD and Adventure she's 11. Confusing? Think of it like this - Sonic CD: 10, Archie Continuity Currently: 11, Sonic Adventure: 12. This follows a "timeline" of sorts exactly and places all within a nice flowing form. I always envisioned Amy 1 year younger than Tails so I guess this would make the most sense placing Tails at 13 come Sonic Adventure. The reason I gave you all three ages is because Sonic CD is in the past (1990 or 1991). Archie Continuity is NOW (1997-1998) but is getting ready to change come Sonic Adventure, and Sonic Adventure is coming out soon (1999). So this is the best way TO ME that it makes sense. As for the comics either check your local comic book store OR the Sonic Checklist in the back of the book.

Dear Sonic HQ, a person told me that Sonic Underground is just a new name for the third season of Sonic the Hedgehog satAM and that all the information on it is a lie. Is this true or some psycho rumor?

You really should watch where you get your psycho rumors from.....That lie is as big as the gap in my cousins teeth. Sonic Underground is currently in production and being voice recorded and animated while the new season of cartoons is going on - most likely to be a midseason replacement or a new toon to the new season. If you don't believe me I'm an animation major and have all the credentials - that and there's a tidbit of it on some of it on the most prolific animation mag sites - Most notably Toon magazine...

Dear Sonic HQ, Sonic X-Treme may have made it after all. While reading agame magizean I checked a game order list and Sonic X-Treme was in it!

I don't doubt you saw Sonic X-Treme there but what I do doubt is if you ordered it that you would have gotten it. You see Sonic Extreme was cancelled and never released by Sega ANYWHERE PERIOD. Most likely they probably had "Sonic X-Treme" under the name of the game that came out right after the hype - Sonic 3-D Blast which is most often - surprisingly - confused with "X-Treme". If you dont believe me check out the games page and compare the screenshots between X-Treme and Blast - Totally different.

Does Nack The Weasel ever make an apperence in the SatAm version of the Sonic TV series?
Mark Hardy

Ah another Nack fan.....Know anyone named Joya Nappo? Anywho - no, Nack did not appear in the TV series. He first showed up in Sonic The Hedgehog: Triple Trouble for Game Gear and the comic adaption by Archie.

Hi! I just got Super Knux in Sonic 2. Even there is no "Super Code",you can get him in Sonic Jam with a Game Shark. Just look for a code that has a description of "Have All Emeralds" for Sonic 2 in Sonic Jam. It will work with Sonic 2 alone, or even with Sonic and Knuckles attached to it. Good luck in finding a "Super Code"!?
H/R Wightman

Thanks for the help. I'm sure the other Sonic fans will appreciate it. And for those who don't know - YOU CAN GET SUPER KNUX WITHOUT THE CODE! Of couse then you'll also have to find all 7 emeralds as well.....

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