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This is the Sonic news page, it will be updated every weekend unless some major news happens. It is the BEST Sonic news page on the whole net. Email Zifei (the News Page Editor) if you see or hear Sonic News happening: I'll take rumors as well. Also, if you want to take the news for your webpage, please give us some credit, we go through a lot of things to get them. Oh, and meet the News Crew!

9-18-98 Main News Page Moved!
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9-15-98 Changes Coming To This Page!
Oh, and you'll love the change up. I have never liked the design for this page, so I'm going to work my tails off (not that I have any) this week and weekend to get the new version up. Check back here this Saturday...and be shocked by the BEST Sonic news page out there under the sky...BTW, I'm moving this page away from no more pop up crap.

9-15-98 Sonic Spike Out Picture!
Remember about a week ago we reported that Sonic would appear in an Sega AM2 arcade game called Spike Out? Well, here's a picture: Sonic. Sonic here looks just as detailed if not more detailed than the Sonic model in Sonic adventures. Reports say that players in the game might even be able to interact with Sonic (as in knock him down...hey, it's a fighting game).

9-11-98 Sonic Adventure Conference Shots!
A few pictures are coming in from the Sonic Adventure unveiling back on August 22nd from Japan. And, Sonic is famous! Check it out! Click here, here, here, and here.

9-11-98 Sonic Adventure MPEG!
Well, yesterday, SegaX put up a MPEG video of the Sonic Adventure video shown at ECTS '98 in London in a behind the door show. But Sega found out and quickly told EVERYONE to take it down. But since we have our sources, we got to see it anyway...and boy it was awsome! Since Sega only said not to put up the video, we still can put up some screen shots! So right now, we're the only Sonic site that have this stuff, be happy! If you really really want it, and would die if you don't see it, email me and I'll tell you a place to get it. Oh, and PowerVR graphics chip used in the Dreamcast is now finished. In other words, Yuji Naka and team will now be able to go back and add more details to the game, how much more detail? Let's just say enough to make a difference...a major difference!

Sonic running on Speed Highway.
Running way from danger.
Snowboarding is fun!
We have a F5 tornado on the ground!
It's a jungle out there...
Tails' new move.
Sonic's new spin attack.
Tunnel's are not for hedgehogs.
High up in the sky...
Living in the city.
Get the bio-plane outta here!
Running down the build's also fun!

9-11-98 Sonic Newsgroup Summary.
Swifty reporting: Well, it's that time again. I gladfully thank Zif for correcting my last summarry about SEGA moving and all that stuff. Now let's get on with this week's Sonic Newsgroup's posts...:

Cheesy Voice Acting? Or not?
Here, Sonic fan's discuss what voice Sonic shall get in Sonic Adventure. Since in the SoJ confferance, they did announce that Sonic and the rest of the characters WILL be introduced to their voices. *SHUDDER* I get all these evil thoughts in my head that they might do something like Banjo/Kazooie. I think this is a post from a person named Klonoa:

Sonic and co all speak their own little gibberish language, which is translated into English (and Japanese) text at the bottom of the screen. That way they won't make sense in any language, but at least it'll be consistant. ^_- Another plus for voice dubbing is that with Sonic Team's past experience with Burning Rangers, they may try to impliment something similar into Sonic Adventure, so you won't want to stop and look at text at the bottom of the screen. My biggest fear is they get that Urkel guy to do Sonic'a american voice like in the cartoons (shudder).

That's something NOT to think about. Then again... it is MY opinion.

What's wrong with Sal?
I was shocked to see out of 26 posts, most of them were against this subject. What IS wrong with Sally? A lot of people turned out saying Sonic should stick with Amy Rose. HELLO?!? First of all, Amy is WAY OFF Sonic's age span, while Sally... well... after 63 issues and 23 episodes, what ELSE CAN YOU think of Sally? She is the one for 'ol blue boy. I was glad to see this post by Joya Nappo:

Sally is a key player in the storylines and stuff. Also, since she's Sonic's main squeeze, I'm hoping they'll get married in the future! I think she would make a good role-model for female Sonic fans.

Now for some "cons" on Sally from Miyasha:

At any rate, Sal's an important characters in the Sat. Am story line, and in most of the better fanfics I have read. I don't give a crap about Archie's chicken scratch, and I don't really take anything that's happened there as relavent.. because most of it sucks. They *sniff* made Sally into a whore...Grr... since when is Sally a whore in the Archie series?!? It's things like this that make a great she-toon dissappear out of a great comic.

I just hope she doesn't end up carrying a whip and leather jacket and boots like the bad Sally in the Archie series.)) :-) Now we wouldn't want that. That's it for me. Check for me later on next week. For those interested in checking out the Sonic newsgroups, click here. Well, I guess I took up enough of my space. Lemme just give back the reporting job to Zif...

9-11-98 Ken's Got A BBS Now!
Ken Penders' BBS is up, finally, after about three month! A lot of people's already posted on it. Go to Ken's BBS, NOW!

9-11-98 Ken's Next Appearance.
Here's what Ken said on his message board:

I'll be appearing at the Mega Con in Orlando, FL on March 5 through 7, 1999. Look for me there as that'll be my only appearance in the state for the foreseeable future.

Well, plan ahead now if you want to go there!

9-9-98 SSS7 Comming Up Fast!
And everyone's taking notice of it! Check out this article from Comic Shop News! This super special is staging up to be a major hit for both Sonic and Image fans! This comic will be released in comic stores on September 29th, 1998. Be sure to save $2.25 and look for it! I'm expecting record sales for a Sonic book.

9-9-98 To Be Or Not To Be?
That is the question we ask about Sonic Adventure. Will it be a launch game, or will it not be? At ECTS '98 show in London, England this weekend, Sega president Shoichiro Irimajiri stated that Sonic Adventure would be a launch title. But which end of the Erasian continent did he mean? The quest for that answer continues...we'll keep you posted.

9-7-98 Sonic Comic Sales Go Up...
Sonic #63 direct sales went up over #62 direct sales by 1.5%. Now it's at 7,700 copies. This place the comic at 206th place in the direct sales market. 90%+ of the comic is sold in newsstands (indirect market). Again, Sonic is the best selling comic for Archie this month. And the total sales is around 90,000 copies.

9-7-98 Sonic Back On TV!
On September 8th (tommorrow), Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog will air at 1:00 PM CST on Toon Disney. Check your local listings for details.

9-6-98 Ken On Manny and Knuckles' Future...
With Manny stopping to draw for the main Knuckles stories starting with #26, who's going to replace him? Here's what Ken Penders has to say for now:

We haven't said anything about Manny's situation because we've been giving the matter a LOT of thought. KNUCKLES has been a very successful book, so when something ain't broke, why fix it, right? Bottom line, Manny received a better offer, he took it, and something had to give, which in this case was doing a full issue of KNUCKLES. Manny will be doing the 6-page back-up stories that begin in issue #26 for the foreseeable future, of which we hope that'll be for some time to come, but we'll have to wait and see how things shake out.

That said, we lined up Jim Valentino to handle the pencils for KNUCKLES #22 through 24, with Manny handling the special 25th anniversary issue. After that, we have another artist handling KNUCKLES: THE FIRST DATE in issues #26 through #28, upon which our new regular artist begins his run with KNUCKLES: KING OF THE HILL in issue #29.

Note that Ken didn't mention who the next regular artist will be or who the artist for Knuckles #26 - #28 will be so we can't do any scoop report on the art styles. But I'm sure Archie will find someone who's capable of doing the comic as good as Manny if not better...hey Spaz is available...

9-5-98 Breaking News: Sonic To Be In Spike Out!
If you thought that Sonic would only appear in the game Sonic Adventure, guess again! This is from Sega-Otaku:

Sonic will be making a cameo appearence, Spike Out. Sega's brand new AM2 developed fighter features four different levels, one of which features Sonic in the background. From what we've seen thus far, Sonic simply appears to ride an elevator and stand off the in corner on one of the four levels. The model used for Sonic himself looks fairly similar to the 3D model recently unveiled during the Sonic Adventure simulcast.

A little information about the game Spike Out. It is made by AM2 (the same people who made Sonic the Fighters) of Sega for the the Model 3 Step 2 arcade board. The game could push up to 1.3 million polygons per second. And it is likely you'll see this game on Dreamcast. Release date for the US is set for later this year or early next year.

9-4-98 Breaking News: More On Sonic Adventure!
This is from Magic Box, interesting stuff, especially about the VMS:

More info on Sonic Adventure for Dreamcast, the game is consists of two play modes: action and adventure, the adventure part is divided into 3 worlds: Station Square. Mystic Ruins and Egg Carrier. Each of the 6 main characters will have their own set of stories and different routes in each stage, when you play as a character other than Sonic, you don't just run straight to the finish point, you might need to search for certain items or complete events to finish a stage. At the beginning you can only use Sonic, but you will encounter different characters and after certain events, they will become playable. There are also tons of mini games that you can play at different locations, like 3D shooting, jet racing, boat racing and the classic capture the rings. The control will be very simple, it only requires the analog stick and two buttons to play. At last a note about the VMS, not only you can breed the A-Life creatures in the VMS, but you can also fight with your friend, and even import your character into your friend's Sonic Adventure.

And here's two more pictures from Sonic Adventure...and a few will love this. Eggman!!! Click here and here.

9-4-98 A New Hope...
Right now I'm in school. I have been in school for two weeks now, and it effect this page a lot. The updates are slowing down to once every week. But here's something you might like. If you want breaking news and fast news, go to the Mobius Forum of Sonic HQ. Starting from now, I'll be posting news there. If you can't get there, I'll still be updating this page on weekends. Oh, and interviews coming soon.

9-4-98 Sonic #65 Release Date!
Archie Comic's Sonic the Hedgehog comic #65 will be release in comic stores across America on September 23rd, 1998. Release date may change.

9-4-98 Sonic Adventure Video!
Sega yesterday fianlly posted the realvideo of the August 22 Sonic Adventure conference. This is a must see! If you don't have real player, then download a high-quality MPEG file of the game or go download Real Player 5.0.

In Game Shots Real Movie

9-4-98 Richard Jacques!
Richard Jacques is the man who brought us the music for Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic R. I personally liked his music very much, especially "Can you feel the sunshine?" Now his working on Metropolis, a racing game for Dreamcast. Go here for more information about this man. Glad to know that he's a Star Wars fan.

9-4-98 Sonic and Knuckles RPG?!
I don't know if this is true or not, but Imagine Game Network's newest site, IGNDC, has placed Sonic/Knuckles RPG as a confirmed game. Now, nothing else was said about it except:

In a Sonic double-whammy, the blue speedster is also starring in this 3D RPG, for those who just can't take the pace of his arcade-style platforming.

Now, if this is true, then who the heck is working on it?! Sonic Team's still VERY busy with Sonic Adventure, and I don't think Traveler's Tales could do a role-playing game. So who's doing it? SOA? Until we can confirm this game, don't bet on it.

9-4-98 Sonic Newsgroup Summary.
It's that time of the week again! Here comes Swifty's summary!

Swifty reporting:
On this post I read today, it seemed to amaze me. "As of Jan. 4th 1999 Sega is or will be moving to Multimedia Gulch in San Francisco. For more info goto," was all that came out of Brandon Hedgehog's keyboard. I checked the link, but unfortunately, the link was probably typed wrong, or took down the page. So, I don't know if it's just a rumor, or real. I'm sure, however, that Sonic HQ news probably has that news for you. Search through the pages. And if it isn't here yet, well, all we can do about this now is think of it as a rumor. Zifei: This ain't no rumor! It's true! Sega made this move for a better place to plan the launch of the Dreamcast.
Heheh, exclusive pictures of Sally and Geoffrey's "true love" affection. Check it out at Since I have AOL, I can't get into the newsgroups anymore, so that kinda stinks that I can't give you people the link. Just find a post called "XXX PICTURES OF SALLY AND GEOFFREY XXX," or something like that. Don't worry folks, it's not really XXX, its just Geoffrey kissing Sally on the cheek, and Sally sticking out her tongue at disgustment. Check it out, it's funny. (it's a binary download.)

9-4-98 Manny's Quiting...Why?
If you don't know yet, Manny Galan, the main artist for Knuckles Echidna comics will stop to draw for the comic's main stories soon. Here's another reason why he's doing it:

Lien-Na reporting: Manny told me one of the reasons he's going to leave the art job for Knuckles and only do back-up stories is because he found a lot of you really don't like his art when he puts in injokes and references from stuff he likes, and he puts them in just to make his job fun and more enjoyable.

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