This is the Sonic news archive page for the month of Febuary, March, and April of 1998.

4-24-98 Sonic Plusies!
Yeah, but not just Sonic and Tails but Sally, too. Click here and here to view them. You can order them from here.

4-24-98 Sonic Crossover Info
Remember about the Sonic crossover between the Sonic characters and characters from another major company Ken Penders talked about about a month ago? Well, here's some new info, quote from Ken Penders:

At last I can finally talk about our super secret SONIC project! With the book well under way and promotional art available for downloading very soon, it's time to talk about the upcoming SONIC/IMAGE HEROES CROSSOVER that'll be featured in the pages of SONIC SUPER SPECIAL #7. That's right. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. This story is not a dream, nor a hoax, or an imaginary story. This is the real deal! You'll see SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and KNUCKLES THE ECHIDNA along with the Freedom Fighters actually meet SHADOWHAWK, THE SAVAGE DRAGON, UNION, VELOCITY, THE MAXX and some fella known as SPAWN in an adventure that crosses time and space like no other. This 40-page spectacular is written by yours truly, and pencilled by none other than Image co-founder Jim Valentino. I'll also be handling the inks as well. The cover is a dynamite piece of work featuring the combined talents of fan favorite Pat Spaziante along with Jim and myself as well.

The only problem with this is that SPAWN isn't for kids!

4-24-98 Sonic The Fighters Saturn Release!
Sega of Japan will release Sonic the Fighters for Sega Saturn in May. This game may not reach the N. American shores, so be ready to import.

4-24-98 Sega Phoenix on May 15th?
Rumors on the net say Sega of Japan will show their next system (Katana/Phoenix/Infinity/Eclipse/You name it) to the public on May 15th at a show they'll sponser. The 3D Sonic game right now should already be playable. With the show, Sega will officially launch the system.

4-24-98 Nights Comic Dropping
For all those Sonic fans out there that's jealous of Spaziante drawing for the Nights comic and not Sonic, here's some news you might want to hear. The Nights comic sales dropped from 6,600 copies at Nights #1 to about 3,600 copies at Nights #3. That's a 47% drop in sales. I don't know why they made it an on going series when the comic is doing so bad. I don't expect Nights to reach issue #10. (Keep in mind that I'm not very fond of the game fact, I think it's worst game the Sonic Team's ever made.)

4-24-98 Sonic Comic Sales Drop
Archie Comic Sonic the Hedgehog comic sales dropped .9% to 8,000 copies in direct sales. With the drop, the comic currently place as the 200th best selling comic in the direct sales market. Keep in mind that the whole sale (add subscription and newsstands) for the comic right now is around 135,000 copies. Sonic is the best selling comic for Archie Comics is month. (Source: Diamond Preview)

4-17-98 Sonic Underground Info!
WB Reports: It seems from what I read today in Electronic Gaming Monthly that it WILL contain components of the SatAm Cartoon. Can you say Yahooo?!!

4-17-98 Sega Phoenix!?!
Yep, some rumors from the net and some publications have that Sega will name their next system the Phoenix. Nothing is confirmed as of right now. Phoenix isn't a bad name, but it just don't fit with Sonic...Sonic does that sound?

4-17-98 Knuckles #14 Release Date
Knuckles the Echidna issue #14 will be released on May the 6th as of right now. The release date may change.

4-17-98 Spaz and Manny to Appear!
Patrick Spaziante, Sonic and Knuckles comic cover artist, and Manny Galan, regular Knuckles artist, will appear at the Big Apple Comic Book Show in New York City on June 6, along with Ken Penders and a lot of other people from Archie Comics. So if you live near New York City, don't forget.

4-10-98 Where's Enerjak?!
MerlinPrwr report: Have you been wondering what happened to the Dark Legion and Enerjak after Knuckles issue #9? Well, you will find out in Knuckles issue #22.

4-10-98 Sonic the Fighters MP3s!
Want to hear the music from Sonic the Fighters arcade game? Well, now the MP3 versions of the music are online at Artail Productions. Go here to hear them.

4-10-98 Heavy and Bomb to Return!
MerlinPrwr report: According to Ken Penders, Heavy and Bomb of the early Chaotix will make a showing in Sonic the Hedgehog issue #62.

4-10-98 Sonic #60 Release Date
Sonic the Hedgehog issue #60 will be released in comic stores across America on April 22, 1998.

4-3-98 Sally vs. St. John?
From the Sonic Newsgroup on came this quote:

Not according to the little "teaser" Ken Penders did a few weeks back about issue... 61, I think. Supposedly there's going to be some "unfriendly feelings" between Sal and Stinky (but he didn't go into details)

This is very good news for us unti-St. John fans. Appearently, Ken Penders is doing this story and Manny Galan is penciling it.

4-3-98 Sonic 2000 Beta Release
The fan made Sonic game Sonic 2000's beta version has been released. Go here to download it. This game is made by Mark Palenik.

4-3-98 Ken Penders' Comic Con Appearances
Here's Ken Penders' schedule to the comic conventions:

Pittsburgh/April 24 - 26
Motor City (Novi Expo Center outside of Detroit)/May 15 - 17
Toronto/June 26 - 28
San Diego/August 13 - 16
Mid-Ohio-Con (Columbus,OH)/Last weekend in November

If you live near those areas, you might want to go and meet him.

4-3-98 Sonic at E3!
Sega has confirmed that SNS will show up in tape at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Atlanta around May 27-30th. If the SNS will be there, then expect Sonic to be there as well.

4-3-98 Mari-An and Rob to Return
The new character from the Lost Tribe saga, Mari-An and Rob O' the Hedge will return in future issues. At what time is still unclear.

4-3-98 Sonic RPG Confusion
A lot of people have asked me about the so called Sonic RPG game. Well, at this point, Sonic RPG is strickly rumors made up by the Sonic fans on the internet. There are NO rumors from the game industry that point to this game. Right now, the Sonic game been developed by the Sonic Team for SNS is a 3D platform/adventure game, NOT an role playing game. If there actually is a Sonic RPG in development, Sega isn't saying a word about it. And most likely it won't be an launch game for SNS.

4-3-98 Sonic Manga
Thanks to Alessandro Sanasi, now we Sonic fans have more information about the Japanese Sonic Mangas. Go here to see them.

3-27-98 Sonic Specials to Reprint!
Paul Castiglia of Archie Comics reported on the Sonic Mailing List that Archie will soon reprint Sonic specials from the past such as Sonic: In Your Face, Sonic and Knuckles, and Sonic: Mecha Maddness. Here's the whole letter.

Dear Sonic fans:

Just a note to let everyone know we've gone back to press on the following
48-page specials:

These specials will begin appearing again soon in the "Sonic Checklist" back issue mail order ads, and will also be offered to comic shops through Diamond Distributors. The prices have been updated to reflect the rate of our current specials (as well as the increased costs in paper and printing). The new prices for these second printings will be $2.25 US and $2.75 CANADA. There may be further reprintings of specials in the future. Right now, there are no plans to reprint any of the 32-page comics as is (although there's always an outside [chance] that can change), however, we will probably address reprinting those stories in some form as we did in the "Sonic Firsts" special. When those decisions are officially made by the "higher-ups," I will do my best to report the news here in a timely fashion.

Best regards,

Paul Castiglia
Manager: Direct Sales/Promotions

OK, that's the whole letter. You might want to write to Archie and ask them to reprint some of the regular issues as well.

3-27-98 Sonic in Burning Rangers?
It is rumored that there is a special code in the game Burning Rangers that will let you play the game as Sonic. That has not been confirmed yet. Burning Rangers is made by the Sonic Team and will be out in the U.S. in May.

3-27-98 Sonic Kids Release Date
Super Sonic Special 5: Sonic Kids will be released on April 1, 1998.

3-27-98 Knuckles #13 Release Date
Knuckles comic issue #13 will be released on April 8, 1998.

3-27-98 Special Months Ahead
For the people who actually care: Knuckles #25 will be released in April, 1999. Sonic #75 will be released in July, 1999. Knuckles #50 will be released in May, 2001. And Sonic #100 will be released in August, 2001.

3-27-98 New Artist Information
As we now know, Steven Butler will become the regular Sonic artist starting at #62 (read news from 3-25-98). I did some research on this guy. He seem to have worked on the Spider-man comic for Marvel Comics. His art style is sort of like Spaziante's. Looking forward to his debut in Sonic #62.

3-25-98 Regular Writer and Artist for Archie Sonic!
Starting at Sonic comic issue #62, Archie would install a regular pair of writer and artist to the Sonic comic main stories. The writer would be Karl Bollers, and the artist would be Steven Butler. For the backup stories, Ken Penders would write, color, and ink everyone of them. Art Mawhinney would do the art. This is from the Sonic Mailing List. Click here to view the whole email letter.

3-20-98 Sonic #59 Sales go Up
Sonic the Hedgehog comic direct sales (comic stores/news stands) went up 3.4% to about 8,100 copies at Sonic #59. This does not include the indirect sale (subscibe) which to my knowledge is about 40% of the comic output. This puts Sonic as the 202th best selling comic in direct sells. Sonic #59 is also the best seller for Archie comics this month. Source: Diamond Preview.

3-20-98 Ultimate Sonic?
From a SNS forum came this qoute:

"Sega is making a FULL 3-D update of the Sonic 1,2,3 and maybe Sonic&Knuckles. The game is great. It is not a pack in. This is right. Do not doubt me. I have inside contacts from SEGA."

Well, this guy goes on to say this game will be called Ultimate Sonic. I don't exactly believe this, but it might be true.

3-20-98 Sonic Underground Information
Here's somemore news about the new Sonic cartoon from

"Sonic the Hedgehog is soon to star in the fast action series "Sonic Underground," along with his long-lost twin brother, "Manic," and his sister "Sonia." Jaleel White, "Urkel" on Family Matters, is back in his role as Sonic (a certain evil egg-shaped bad guy is back as well).

Nothing new here except that we now officially know the cartoon will be an action series. Also from another site I read that Jaleel White will also do the voice of Manic.

3-20-98 Sonic Anime MPEGs
Can't get the Sonic Anime but want to see it badly? Well thanks to A.J. Freda and MechaSonic, now MPEG files of the anime can be found here. Go see it for the first time, NOW!

3-14-98 Sega drop the Saturn
Sega has decided to stop all Saturn hardware and software sells by the end of March in the U.S. and Europe because they were lossing too much money. Go here to see the whole story. This could be bad news for Sonic video game Sonic the Fighters. But the good news is that this also builds to the rumors that SNS will be released in the States by the end of this year.

3-14-98 SNS release Date
Ok, this is a rumor, but a very reliable rumor. Sega will release the SNS (also know as Katana/Dural) on November 21, 1998 in the U.S. with a game as pack in. Don't know what the pack in game will be, but most likely, it'll be Street Fighter 3 or Sonic 3D.

3-13-98 Sonic #59 release Date
Sonic issue #59 will be out in comic stores on 3-25-98.

3-13-98 Tails' Uncle and Father
MerlinPrwr report: In the Knux Quest story Knuckles came across someone named Merlin Prower. I asked Ken Penders about him and he said Tails will soon discover that Merlin is his uncle and Adameus, not yet introduced, is his father.

3-13-98 Sega developing Mini-system
I heard from a game source that Sega is currently developing another hand held mini-system. This one is a 64-bit system. And it is rumored to launch a few month after the SNS. If this is true, expect the 3D Sonic game on SNS to be ported to this mini-system.

3-13-98 SNS for this Year?
It is rumored that Sega's Next System (SNS) will launch this summer in Japan. This could mean that SNS would be in the U.S. and Europe by late this year. The Sonic game should be ready by then.

3-7-98 Knuckles to Continue
Sonic Comic writer/artist Ken Penders has stated that Knuckles will not end at #25 and that Knuckles: Twenty Years Later will feature Sonic and Sally's children. You know what that means? Sega will let Sonic marry Sally in future issues.

3-7-98 Sonic Underground
Questa report: I heard that Sonic Underground was supposed to be like a musical, and Manic was supposed to be younger than Sonic and a lighter shade of blue. Of course, it's just a rumor.

3-7-98 Sonic Crossover
Sonic comic writer Ken Penders have confirmed that there will be a crossover between Sonic and characters from another major comic company later this year. Although he refused to gave any names, best bets are Darkhorse and DC.

3-7-98 Sega will not show Katana!
Sources this week have said that Sega will not be showing any demos of the new Katana games at the Tokyo Game Show. It is said that Sega will have a showing of their own to launch the system somewhere in May. So no new Sonic game for now.

2-28-98 Knuckles #12 release Date
Knuckles issue #12 will be out on March 4.

2-28-98 Sonic at TGS?
More news about the 3D Sonic game for Katana. It is rumored that the first screenshots of the game will be aviliable at the Tokyo Game Show. For those of you who don't know when that is, it is in late March.

2-20-98 3D Sonic Game
A new 3D Sonic game has been confirmed by Sega. This game will be a launch game for the new Sega Katana 128-bit system. Thank God it's been made by the Sonic Team, they have a year to make it, it should be a really cool game. BTW, the system WILL be out in April, 1999. Also, it is rumored that a Sonic R II is also in the works for Katana by Traveler's Tales.

2-20-98 Sonic #58 release Date
Sonic #58 was released on 2-18-98.

2-20-98 I'll start Updating Again
Sorry, I kind of forgot this news page for a while. But...I'll start updating this page again every week.