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Ezo, every1! Ergon here, with the biggest Sonic midi collection on the net! Currently, there are 376 midis in here! All the original Sonic music are properties of Service and Games (SEGA). If you have a midi we don't have, please email it to Ergon Acorn. And note to people, all the midis are free to take, but all of these midis belong to their creater, not Sega. Sega only has copyright to the originals. Thanx!

Ergon Acorn

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�Game/Cartoon���������������� System/Production�
Sonic 1 Genesis
Sonic 2 Genesis
Sonic 3 Genesis
Sonic and Knuckles Genesis
Sonic Spinball Genesis
Sonic 3D Blast Genesis
Knuckles' Chaotix Sega 32X
Sonic 1 Game Gear
Sonic 2 Game Gear
Sonic Drift 2 Game Gear
Sonic MegaCD Sega CD (JAPAN)
Sonic 3D Blast Saturn
Sonic Jam Saturn
Sonic R Saturn
Sonic and Knuckles Collection PC(US)
Sonic CD PC(US)
Sonic The Fighters Model 2
SegaSonic the Hedgehog Model 2
Sonic RPG Fan Game
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog DiC Productions
Sonic the Hedgehog DiC Productions
Sonic Anime Sega
Virtual Sonic Music CD Sega Tunes
Sonic Boom Music CD Sega Tunes
Remix Multi
Compositions None

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