Theme Song

This is the Pocket Dragon Adventures theme song. This is a rough draft, meaning I don't have the words to some parts, and I may have gotten some wrong. If you can fill in the missing words or correct me where I'm wrong, I'll fix it right away, and put your first name or nickname on this page, not last name. I'm a firm beliver in privacy.
Pocket Dragons, Pocket Dragons..
Pocket Dragons, they're brave as they can be,
They're small but what you get, isn't always what you see,
Something new 'round ev'ry corner, headed straight for mystery,
Pocket Dragon Adventures!
There's Cuddles and there's ____,
Filbert always thinks he's right,
Scribbles loves inventing but her gadgets are a fright,
ZoomZoom tries to fly, but he never gets too far,
And Specks has got another plan to raid the cookie jar!
Pocket Dragons, they surely will amuse,
They'll stand up to a giant though they can't see above his shoes,
They'll build a new contraption you would never think to use,
Oh no, Oh gosh, Kazoodles,
It must have blown a fuse!
They'rs always an adventure, waiting to be found,
But they don't always see it coming, 'cause they're so close to the ground,
They will rise to the occasion, headed straight for victory,
Pocket Dragon Adventures!
Pocket Dragons, get ready, here they come, So many ways to see the days, they can't decide which one,
Their magic doesn't always work, it's always just as fun,
Pocket Dragon Adventures!

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