Hey, welcome to the art section. I've added a whole lot more, so look around. 52 pics in all. Choose to go to Sonic art, of plain ol' furry art, or the java furry art viewer. Like the art, request a pic from me. Please send yer art to chibi-usa@zdnetmail.com, please! If you sent any mail or pics to tiger@meishi.co.jp, please re-send them because the address no longer works.

Sonic Art-Sonic the hedgehog art. Orginized by character. I do sonic requests too. Detailed descriptions, material info, and a java viewer coming real soon.
Furry Art
-Plain text version of furry art. ( Only one pic at top. ) Complete descriptions, as well as diolauge from any word balloons in art, and materials.
Java Furry Art viewer-Java art viewer. Easier because you don't have to keep hitting the 'back' button, but there isn't any complete info on each pic, and each pic looks a little weird because it was resized. Reccommended if you're in a hurry.

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