Sonic Art

My Sonic the Hedgehog art. It's all a mix, so you'll find both good and bad art. The descriptions are really basic. They may change.

Last updated Feb. 3, 1999. New pics at top.

ckant.gif-A pic of Antoine.
cksally.gif-Another pic of Sally.
soniched.gif-Sonic's head.
sallypaint.jpg-A very painting-like picture of Sally.
salicon.gif-An icon I made of Sally.
salhed.jpg-Sally's head.
c_sally.gif-A computer-drawn pic of Sally.
sally.jpg-A computer-drawn pic of sally.
sally5.jpg-Yet another pic of Sally.
sally.jpg-A pic of sally.
sally.jpg-A pic of sally.

tails.jpg-A pic of Miles "Tails" prower.
tails.jpg-A pic of Tails.
oldtails.jpg-An old pic of Tails.

bunnie.jpg-A pic of bunnie.

sttailcrossover.jpg-A crossover pic of Bunnie and Antoine as Saint Tail and Asuka jr. from a cool anime/manga series, Magical thief St.tail.
lupine.jpg-A pic of Lupine that I entered into a sonic art contest-and lost.
group.jpg-All of the freedom fighters.
scaree.jpg-Sally and Tails, backing away from an un-shown whatever.

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