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We have been bring you the best stuff since oh...the Febuary of 1998. We were the first major Sonic news page to take shape after the Freedom Fighter Network went down (that was too bad, that page was a great page!). But who's bringing you this news? Want to meet the news crew members? Scroll down. And right now we need someone who could do interviews and stuff like that (which means you have to chat a lot and know a lot of people). If you're interested, email Zifei.

Meet the news people!

Zifei Wu - The head guy. He's the page editor and knows where to look for any Sonic news. He's a high school student in real life and likes Astronomy, Xenochemistry, art, and computer graphics.

Vector - Our interview guy. Also reports news really fast. He's got some very nice interviews lined up for the coming stay tuned...

Swifty the Hedgehog - The person who does the Sonic newsgroup summaries every week. He also reports AOL Sonic stuff for us. He's also in high school in real life and is a pretty good HTML programmer.

WB - He's the cartoon expert. He reads cartoon magz all the time. He's very interested in drawing the Sonic comic some day not so far off. He's currently in college majoring in Studio Art.

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